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Man holds cardboard sign to thank hospital workers for saving his wife: “I love you all”

Amy Christie

A New Jersey man has touched many hearts after he was seen holding up a cardboard sign to show how thankful he was to the hospital workers who saved his wife’s life.

What are the details?

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, was photographed holding a sign with a handwritten message. He placed it close to the glass window to the emergency section of Morristown Medical center. His other hand was on his heart, as Good News Network reports.

“Thank you all in emergency for saving my wife’s life; I love you all,” the written message on the sign said.

“We don’t know who the man is, we don’t know who his wife is. The nurses happened to be there and took his picture. What’s beautiful is that’s all we know,” Karen Zatorski, who is the Senior Public Relations Manager at Morristown Medical Center, said after the wonderful gesture.

Another woman, called Shay Vander Vliet posted the photo on social media right after her sister-in-law, who is employed as a nurse at the hospital, caught sight of the man and his amazing message.

“She sent me this picture the other day, and I feel like it needs to be seen as much as possible! I think this one is worth sharing—so please, share away! And thank you, Paige, and all the nurses and doctors, for your hard work and dedication, especially during this scary time,” she wrote.

And her wish came true! The photo has been shared widely over social media, with more than 61,000 users stopping by to send the message further.

The outlet also points out that this photo encouraged a new campaign to raise money for all New Jersey hospitals that need additional protective medical gear. It only took a few days and plenty of generous hearts to raise $12,000.

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