Christmas trees up by 30%, higher prices for real and artificial trees

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Planning to get your Christmas tree in the following weeks? Be prepared to pay up to 30% more than you were used to.

Supply chain difficulties and the pandemic have reportedly combined to make both real and artificial trees more expensive for this holiday season.

What are the details?

Christmas trees are expected to have higher prices during the holidays. The increase will be between 10% and 30%, for both real and artificial trees, according to Insider.

There are considerable backlogs in different shipping ports and not enough truck drivers to deliver the trees to the places where they will be sold. Any additional delays will contribute to even steeper prices.

Avery Hartmans reported for Insider that the trend started last year with a high demand for Christmas trees meant to keep a festive atmosphere in each home during the pandemic is set to go on this holiday season as well.

An added issue is also the fact that farmers planted fewer trees because resources and incentives were lower. So, if we take into account that it takes about 8-10 years for a tree to grow and reach maturity, the supply is continually shrinking.

"Some of the major retailers say they have about 43% of their inventory right now when it should be closer to 70% at this time of the year," Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, said for Newsday.

The National Tree Co. has increased the price for its artificial Christmas trees due to higher prices for components and shipping, as CEO Chris Butler shared with The Washington Post.

The price for artificial trees at Costello's Ace Hardware has also been bumped by 25% as a result of supply chain issues, according to Insider.

John Mohlenhoff, who works as a firefighter at the Huntington fire department, said for Newsday that Christmas trees will cost more to make up for increased prices from a Pennsylvania farm that supplies them.

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