Transgender woman assaulted after being placed in jail cell with 3 men “against her wishes”

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A transgender woman had to share a cell with three men, one of whom reportedly assaulted her when she fell asleep, as stated in a lawsuit brought against San Diego County and its sheriff's department.

What are the details?

Kristina Frost was brought to the San Diego Central Jail, and initially placed in a holding cell on her own, according to the suit filed on Tuesday, and quoted by Insider.

However, later that same day, Frost was moved by deputies and placed in a “minimally monitored” cell. She had to share it with three men, as the suit explains.

This move was reportedly “against her wishes,” and Frost didn’t understand why she was transferred, since her Department of Motor Vehicles records and driver's license both specified she was a woman, as the outlet points out.

Frost also added that when she was taken into custody, she was wearing high-cut shorts and a bra. The complaint goes on to specify that Frost was repeatedly misgendered in person and in the official reports.

Frost was then attacked by one of the men who shared her cell as soon as she fell asleep that night. She needed two surgeries to recover from the assault.

The lawsuit states that some deputies witnessed this attack, but they did not intervene immediately. The man who assaulted Frost was “eventually” taken out of the cell.

Based on her complaint, Frost had to wait 12 hours to receive medical attention, even though she couldn’t drink water or eat because of the injuries she sustained.

The San Diego County and its sheriff's department have been named as defendants in the lawsuit, and Frost is seeking damages, and to have her attorney fees covered. They are accused of negligence and failure to protect or deliberate indifference to safety risks and needs, according to Insider.

San Diego County and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department did not offer any comments on the complaint.

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