Hawaiian man reunites homeless veteran with estranged family: “God touched me to reach out to him”

Amy Christie

A business owner felt sad seeing a homeless man pacing up and down the street every day outside his store in Hawaii.

So, he decided to approach the man and find out more about what was troubling him.

He eventually managed to track down the man’s family in Toledo, Ohio and brought them together to start again.

What are the details?

Tom Solie owns a sandwich shop called Timmy T’s Gourmet Grinders in downtown Honolulu, on Bishop Street. He first noticed 31-year-old Adrian Haynes three years ago while he was building his store.

“He always had on a black hoodie and black clothes, and he would just be sitting at the bus stop like he’s waiting for something. He was always on my mind. Every now and then, I’d go past him, and I’d say, ‘When you want to get off the street, let me know,'” Solie shared with The Epoch Times.

It was very hard to talk to Adrian, but Solie felt that he had to try harder.

“For whatever reason, God touched my heart to reach out to him a little bit more,” he recalled.

Solie decided to help Adrian get off the street and, together with his girlfriend, they got clothes and food from Costco and brought the package to Adrian.

This time they asked what his second name was.

“Gaines or Hans or Hines … I couldn’t understand what he said, so we started to search on the internet to try to figure out who he was and where he was from. I found out he was from Toledo, Ohio, and then my girlfriend and I went on Facebook and found Toledo Missing Persons,” Solie said.

Just 20 minutes after the couple posted about Adrian, they got a reply from his sister-in-law!

“That’s my little brother!” she wrote.

In a few minutes, Adrian’s brothers were on the phone with Solie, one from Ohio and two from Arizona.

Adrian’s brothers flew in a week after the online post, and Solie brought them straight from the airport so they would lose no time for the happy reunion. Unfortunately, Adrian didn’t show any joy when interacting with them.

Adrian Haynes is a U.S. Army veteran. He initially told his family he would move to Hawaii after serving in Afghanistan but didn’t communicate with them at all after that. His family had filed a missing person’s report and feared he had died, as reported by Hawaii News Now.

The Army vet may have been attending school in Hawaii, but he ended up in hospital. When he was discharged his belongings had been taken out of the apartment he shared with others, and he had no place to stay.

Due to mental health issues, he was unable to get in touch with his family.

“He was just an all-around good dude. He never so much as smoked a cigarette. We’re going to do whatever we got to do to get him some help,” his elder Moses brother told the outlet.

“All it took was a little bit of effort by me to find out his last name, and where he’s from, and then I got his family together. When you’re sleeping on garbage bags every day, sitting in the Hawaii sun every day, it’s no way for anyone to live … something needs to be done to make it easier to help these people,” Solie concluded.

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