California inmates earn their bachelor’s degrees: “Helping to build the community up”

Amy Christie

Over 20 inmates from a California prison studied hard to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

Their efforts paid off and they are eager to come back to the community they left, adding new skills and the will to do good.

What are the details?

More than 20 inmates took part in an educational program offered in partnership with California State University, Los Angeles, according to Sunnyskyz. They all come from a state prison in Lancaster, California.

Their graduation ceremony was the first event of this type ever to be organized inside a prison.

Despite the setting, all the inmates were excited and ready to start contributing to society in a positive way, changing their lives and helping those around them.

"None of us thought this would be possible and we faced a lot of adversity in our lives and in here. I'm so proud of everybody,” Aaron Benson, one of the inmates, shared with ABC 7.

The amazing achievement was done by 23 inmates who decided to get out of a negative circle and invest in a better outcome. Now they are all college graduates.

"It's upon me to get myself together and then go back to the community that I helped tear down, and help build that community up," Jason Keaton, another inmate who got his bachelor's degree, said for the outlet.

There are no other limits than those we set for ourselves and even a rough start in life doesn’t mean you can’t change your future. The inmates who studied to improve their life show us that will and determination are key to living on your own terms.

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