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Veteran cries when he finds out strangers bought him a new scooter: “I met beautiful people”

Amy Christie

When Kenny Jary's mobility scooter stopped working, the 79-year-old veteran was heartbroken.

It wasn’t just a scooter that had broken down, he saw it as a ticket to avoid isolation. And it was a way to stay in touch with the community he appreciates so much.

He became a TikTok hot topic after his neighbor posted a video in which he shared how sad he was because he couldn’t travel around anymore. What happened after left the veteran in tears and made him feel that there are still wonderful people among us.

What are the details?

Kenny lives in Willernie, Minnesota, and he brought a wave of kindness on TikTok after his mobility scooter stopped working. Amanda, his neighbor, posted a video in which he explains how much the scooter mattered to him and how sad he was that he couldn’t travel in his community anymore.

"You know I met some beautiful people on this scooter by traveling around, the coffee shop and Veteran's Park, and I met Amanda, Jenny, and Jerry and that's when I start to cry... because that's how I met them," Kenny said, according to Sunnyskyz.

The video took the platform by storm and gathered millions of views from its online users.

@patriotickenny @TikTok family came through with a $5,000 donation for Kenny’s scooter. Here’s his reaction. Grab your tissues. #fyp #fypシ #viral #veteran #senior ♬ Loving Strangers - Russian Red

What happened next?

Seeing the popularity of the video, Amanda made a GoFundMe page. The goal was to get a new scooter for Kenny.

And she was amazed by what kindness could do! More than $11,000 was raised from the initiative. When he heard the great news, Kenny started crying.

Amanda gave him his new mobility scooter at Veterans Memorial Park in North St. Paul.

Kenny immediately took a few laps and then shared that this was “the nicest gift I ever had in my whole life."

And things didn’t stop there. Kenny has decided to give back, to pay this generous action forward.

He will buy scooters for other veterans in need with the extra money left. However, when he asked people to nominate a veteran who should get a scooter, he got more than 500 names.

With his neighbor’s help, he set up a GoFundMe page and wishes to raise more money to help as many veterans as he can.

"Every donation made here will go directly to purchasing free scooters for veterans. You've seen how happy Kenny's new scooter made him. We want to be able to put that type of smile on the faces of even more of those who have served our country with such dedication and honor," is stated on the page.

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