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Dolphins lead sailor to stranded woman: “We got excited, then I saw a hand”

Amy Christie

A sailing enthusiast who just got his license in L. A. County last month started on his maiden voyage and ended up in a rescue mission led by dolphins.

What are the details?

The sailor happened upon a woman who was struggling to stay afloat. She was alone in Santa Monica Bay. The encounter was no accident, though. It was brought on by dolphins, according to The Epoch Times.

Koz Khosravani, 59, recently got his own sailboat and had invited a few friends to come along for his first voyage. The Marina del Rey resident met three friends at 9:30 a.m., and he informed them about the rescue protocol before setting sail together.

It was only 11:30 a.m. when an unusual sight met them off their starboard. A pod of dolphins was there.

“We got excited, took a bunch of pictures … and once the dolphins went toward the west of the boat, that’s when I saw this hand. I wasn’t even sure, I just thought it was a hand. I definitely knew something was wrong,” Koz shared with The Epoch Times.

The man turned and managed to intercept a stranded woman. The swimmer was barely conscious, and she was trying hard to keep her head above water. Koz had to be very careful not to hurt her with his boat.

“I tried to pass by her, possibly within 15 feet from her,” he said.

A crew member threw a lifeline to the woman. A second attempt was needed, though.

“On the second attempt, I threw another buoy towards her because she couldn’t hold onto the first one. The second one has a 70-feet cord or line attached to it,” Koz recalls.

The woman managed to hold onto it but seemed to be too exhausted to move.

Koz and another crew member helped her aboard, and they brought towels and blankets to warm her up.

“I could barely see life in her eyes. She was in a rough condition and could barely talk,” he added.

After making the 26-year-old swimmer comfortable, Koz called the Coast Guard, who sent out a rescue boat. In just 7 minutes, a Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) Lifeguard boat arrived.

The stranded woman was transferred aboard and taken to UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Hospital, as Daily Mail points out.

“I moved to this area recently. For no reason, for the first time in my life, I bought a sailboat … I got my license … then I trained my guests on how to perform this rescue … and then the dolphins … It’s shocking, the whole thing,” Koz concluded, still amazed by the incident and the rescue that the dolphins set out to achieve.

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