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Duck takes part in New York City Marathon: “She is speed. She is zoom”

Amy Christie

A brave duck called Wrinkle didn’t hesitate to run the New York City Marathon. Wrinkle has taken everyone by surprise after her amazing run that took place on Sunday, November 7.

What are the details?

Wrinkle is an emotional support duck, and she was filmed while plunging right into the 26.2-mile race that took place over the weekend, according to Sunnyskyz.

And the duck didn’t just act on a moment’s notice. Wrinkle had the right gear for the occasion.

The duck sported tiny sneakers that seemed to be custom made, as the outlet points out.

While it’s safe to say the duck had her fair share of fun, it’s not clear if she went through the whole race or how much of the marathon she took part in.

Wrinkle’s owner posted video footage of the amazing race and shared it online.

"Wrinkle the duck is more than just a beautiful Pekin duck, she is a full-grown adult human child. She is fast. She is speed. She is zoom. She is Wrinkle. Still fast as duck boiiii," the duck’s owner wrote.

Maybe this is a chance to reconsider ducks and how strong they can be. And the support they give is just as valuable as all other pets. Cheers for Wrinkle and for more races with such tiny sneakers!

What do you think of Wrinkle’s race? Would you have cheered on if you were there?

Did you take part in the Marathon and watch the unusual sight? How did everyone else take it?

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