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Dads come together to bring back school safety

Amy Christie

When an alarm was sent out about the violence taking over a Louisiana high school who was the first to step in?

A group of dads took on the responsibility to make school safe again for their kids.

What are the details?

Concerned dads united in a group, and they stepped up to keep things under control at their local high school. The Shreveport dads felt it was time to intervene after a week full of reports of disturbing conflicts, as Sunnyskyz reports.

Over 20 students were taken into custody in just three days, so a new initiative was needed. 40 fathers decided to come together. They all formed a support group that they named “Dads on Duty.”

How does the group avoid any fights in school?

The dads have organized themselves and now take turns to spend time at the school. They greet students coming to classes in the morning, and they constantly contribute to maintaining a positive environment.

Their initiative is meant to show students that school is the right place for learning and achieving, not for negative emotions and conflicts.

And their effort is paying off! Ever since the dads showed up on the high school campus there has not been one single fighting incident!

The calm atmosphere has helped to refocus both teachers’ and students’ efforts.

Let’s all congratulate these brave dads who are making a difference for their kids and all the other students! Parents and kids working together to pave the way forward for learning is an amazing experience.

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