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Bobcat and babies spotted at Plantation Resort

Amy Christie

One bobcat was seen with its two babies in the Plantation Resort area. They got scared by traffic and ran inside a drain opening. Unfortunately, there was no forest for them to head for. And they might be confused and not know how to reach a park.

What are the details?

A bobcat and its two babies are paying a visit in Frisco. It might be because they need a meal and bunnies are around or they could simply be lost because of the cars that keep going and confuse them. Whenever a new car passes by, they look for a hiding spot and go roaming around, potentially lost.

“One adult bobcat spotted with two babies ran inside the drain opening when my car passed by them. This is off Lexington and Williamsburg,” the resident who saw them wrote.

There were many reactions to the sight, with people focusing on how to help the animals and make sure they are happy even though we are constantly taking more space from what used to be their home.

“Please, let them be. No need to scare them even more by following them to the drain opening. Mom is just trying to raise her babies,” was one thoughtful comment.
“So cute. I have seen one before in my area and it ran to the drain,” another resident who saw bobcats wrote.

“Poor bobcats they lost their habitats when we started building our homes!” was another heartfelt opinion.

A slightly contrary point of view seeks to show that it’s not these actual neighborhoods that bobcats were chased out. It’s more likely they’re coming here after being forced to leave different places.

“Actually, I've lived in my current house for 31 years. I haven't started seeing bobcats in my yard or neighborhood until about 4 years ago. Before that there were coyotes, but I've seen very few of them since the bobcats started to appear. It appears they are just relocating from previously occupied areas. I don't think they were run out of my neighborhood.”

Have you seen any bobcats around Frisco? Were they hiding too?

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