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Miserable puppy keeps neighbors up at Heatherwood. Please let him in

Amy Christie

A puppy’s sadness is keeping neighbors awake at all hours, but more than anything they would like him to be allowed inside the house, so he won’t be so sad anymore.

While having a dog can definitely be challenging, leaving him howling is not considerate for the dog or other people, as several residents pointed out.

What are the details?

“There's a house located on Denham in Biltmore that backs up to our line of houses in Wells Park off Legacy. We have no alleyway between us. We can hear their dog barking nonstop from every single square foot of our house.,” the resident starts to explain the issue.

The dog is young so it might take a while to get him trained and used to specific rules, but the noise is very concerning.

“I understand that your puppy is young but leaving them out in your yard like this is just a really awful thing to do to all the neighbors surrounding you. We have done everything we can to drown out the noise, sound machines, fans, you name it. Your poor dog is miserable outside and you're waking up my kids. It’s also making it impossible to watch tv in our living room because all we can hear is your dog howling. I'm not saying this as someone who doesn't understand the challenges of having dogs,” the resident goes on with more details about the problem.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy figuring out which particular neighbor it is. A talk with them has been suggested but that means identifying them first.

“I can’t figure out which house it is. When it’s happening, I’m home with my kids and can’t leave them alone. I’m getting ready to call a babysitter over so I can march on over and deal with this,” is the next step the affected resident is considering.
“If they are leaving a young dog out without sufficient shelter that’s neglect. I don’t understand people who get a dog then never let it in. It’s supposed to be part of your family. If you’re not going to make it part of your family don’t get a dog,” is another take on it.

Calling the police is a different option that could work.

“You can contact the police department. They will not let them know who called. It is a noise problem and they handle that situation quite often. They will just mention that they received a notice of a noise situation.”

“I really don’t want the hammer to come down on them too hard, as I get having a puppy. Especially if they're first-time dog owners. But also, dogs are a lot of work, why did you get one if you can't handle its energy? Dumping it outside for hours isn't good for anyone,” the neighbor adds.

And, indeed, it is sad to hear a dog who is clearly upset and probably longing to be with his family, play or just stay close to them.

“It’s a disturbance law after 10 p.m. and before 8 a.m. Call the police,” is one final piece of advice on it.

How would you handle this? Would you resort to the authorities or just time a friendly talk with the dog’s owner?

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