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Walgreens at Main and Teel has empty shelves, like a going-out-of-business sale

Amy Christie

One Frisco resident looking forward to a round of shopping at Walgreens was greeted by poorly stocked or even empty shelves. The seasonal items for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day were there, but the whole store looked messy to them and like it was running out of supplies.

What are the details?

If you were used to thinking Walgreens has all you need, you might have to reconsider and come up with alternatives if the sight that met one Frisco resident at Shaddock Creek Estates keeps happening. When they went to the Walgreens on Main and Teel, they couldn’t believe how the store looked. They were even tempted to think it was doing a special sale for going out of business.

“Is it just me, or does this store look like they just went through a going-out-of-business sale? Poorly stocked or empty shelves (other than seasonal items, Halloween, Christmas, V-Day). A bit of a messy store. Is it poor management or supply chain shortages?” they wrote.

As other neighbors pointed out, the issue could be caused by the restrictions that are still in place.

“Supply chain issues…everywhere. Even Target has low stock. Seasonal items seem to be the exception…probably because they arrive early and were back-stocked,” was one opinion on the matter.

However, other people feel that it’s not fair to be met by empty shelves and an impression that everything is out of place when you can just drive a few minutes longer to a better place.

“Perhaps supply chain can account for some of this stocking issue. But there is a noticeable difference compared to any CVS you walk into. There are shelves that have been completely barren over the past few days (maybe seasonal items). Still, it’s a trashy look in a town with other choices one intersection away in any direction,” is how one resident felt about it.

“If you really want to see businesses that look like they are having a going-out-of-business sale, drop by any car dealership's new car lot. Or go inside; there is little to no stuff,’ was another take on it.

“Supply chain. Absolutely. It’s sad and depressing actually,” another user wrote.

And the state of this store can serve as a positive reminder that the whole community can help local businesses and contribute to keeping them on the market. It’s little gestures that make all the difference, such as placing the order at a store instead of doing everything online.

“It's a good reminder to try to continue to support valued local businesses any way you can if you want them to be there for the long term. They may not be perfect right now. They may not have the things you want or need; give them time and try again. I started to place an online order through Best Buy for delivery yesterday because they show none of the items in stock locally. I changed my mind and went to the local store and placed the order there so that the store would show it as an ‘in-store purchase’. I want them to be there when I want to actually look at TVs when making a purchase, open and close a refrigerator to see what it looks like before deciding,” a Frisco resident reminds everyone.

However, the issue with Walgreens is also based on the fact that only this particular store only seems to be affected by the problem, as the shopper explains.

“It’s not the barren spots on the shelf, it’s the stark difference between this store and others within a 5-mile radius.”

Have you seen the same thing in other stores? Do you have any idea why that Walgreens is affected by extreme shortages? Have things improved in the meantime?

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