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Pro-lifers set up line for tips on abortions. Fake claims flood it

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Pro-choice advocates have chosen a different line of action to oppose a website that encourages people to report abortions performed after six weeks of pregnancy. Starting September 1 they will be illegal across the state.

What are the details?

The Texas website encourages anonymous reports against providers or other people who have “aided and abetted” the abortions. It calls on “citizens to hold abortionists accountable to following the law.”

Parents who drive their child to a clinic or friends who give a loan for the procedure can be reported as well, according to Insider.

Those who can be shown to have breached the law will get a $10.000 fine, the website says. While Planned Parenthood and the rest of pro-choice organizations have fought against the law, social media users chose a different strategy to oppose it. They aim to overwhelm the website with thousands of fake claims.

“Gosh, I wonder if they factored in people abusing the integrity of this system. Hmmm, I hope people don't abuse this! That would be terrible,” Nancy Cardenas Pena, wrote on social media.

She told the Daily Dot that she has been banned from the website, but her idea has certainly taken off and many users say they are flooding the website with outrageous claims like trying to abort their 30-year-old children who've gotten "too big."

Texas’ “heartbeat ban” was passed in May and places a unique restriction on abortions in that it limits the procedure before most women even know that they’re pregnant and makes no exceptions, as Insider points out. Its lawsuit clause also doesn’t require the person reporting the procedure to have any connection to those breaching the law.

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