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Jason’s Deli hiring sign sparks outrage: “Min wage = mediocre person”

Amy Christie

A popular deli in Melbourne, Florida, got a wave of negative reactions after a photo of their hiring sign was posted on social media.

The sign listed different wages and skills required, but the title topping them all was what set off the backlash.

What are the details?

Twitter user @HaitianDvorce posted a photo of the offensive sign. It was hanging right outside a Jason's Deli in Melbourne. The sign lists different levels of pay and what skills potential employees would need to have to be able to move up for starting wages.

The heading of the sign is what disturbed most users. As the sign says, a “mediocre person” would earn the “min wage.” To get $12 an hour you would have to bring “zero drama”, “work like 2 people,” and also “be better than most.”

$15 an hour is the stellar wage and will only be given out to a worker who “outshines and outperforms the owner.”

What were the reactions?

“If you do more work than the boss, why would they pay you $15/hr. instead of giving you the boss’ salary?” was how a user felt about it.
“Working harder than the owner to barely break $30,000 a year,” was another comment.
“I think everyone is losing sight of the fact that not all positions are meant to provide a head-of-household wage. If you would like to make a career out of working for a deli, you have bigger problems than your hourly wage. Some jobs are just a step on the ladder,” was another opinion.
“Math skills questionable. If someone is ‘better than most, works like 2 people,' shouldn't he get more than twice the starting wage, not just 1 1/3 times? Also, if he ‘outshines & outperforms the owner’ & if capitalism is a meritocracy, shouldn't he be given the deli?”

What did the deli have to say about it?

“The manager of our Melbourne, FL, location recently posted a sign intended to attract prospective applicants through the potential for upward movement through our Career Path. The sign communicated that message in an inappropriate manner that does not accurately reflect the hiring practices of Jason's Deli. We reached out to the manager, and he recognized the sign’s inappropriateness and immediately removed it. We regret any misunderstanding that the sign may have caused.

Jason’s Deli values our employees. To maintain the high level of service that they provide — and that our customers expect — we hire highly motivated people by offering competitive and fair wages. We have taken this incident as a learning opportunity and have reached out to all of our managers to ensure that they are responding appropriately to the challenges of hiring in the current environment,” is the statement posted on social media by Jason's Deli following the outraged reactions.

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