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Seattle man rescued by social media: “TikTok told me I had cancer. And they were right”

Amy Christie

A Seattle-based TikTok creator recently went through surgery to remove a nodule from his thyroid. His viewers pointed out that he seemed to suffer from thyroid cancer.

What are the details?

A TikToker known as the "Seattle Tech Bro" with over 17,000 followers on social media has plenty of reasons to be grateful to his viewers. And it’s not just because they value the content he shares about "finances and career progression in a no-judgment zone," as stated in his bio.

The man posted about his health revelation on Wednesday.

“TikTok told me I had cancer. And it seems like they were right,” he said in a video that has more than 1 million views.

In some of his earlier videos, the man had got several comments saying his thyroid looked "a little enlarged” and plenty of users suggested he should go see a doctor.

“Your thyroid looks a bit swollen, please get it checked. Usually, it's just an enlarged thyroid but sometimes it's thyroid cancer,” was a direct message he got from a concerned user.
“And so out of an abundance of caution and just because I get anxious about these sorts of things, I went ahead and got it checked out,” he said in the video.

After performing different tests doctors concluded that there was a 95% chance that the “nodule” was cancerous, the "Seattle Tech Bro" said.

“I had two options. I could either take out my entire thyroid or I could just take out the cancerous bit,” the man said.

The creator opted to remove only the potentially cancerous part and he can be seen wearing a small bandage on his neck in the video. He is currently recovering from surgery.

“It is quite hard to talk. It kind of drains me to talk so much,” he shared on social media.

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