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Ohio mother beaten with hammer in front of kids. Attacker leaves shoe in car, says she didn’t do it

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A mother from Youngstown, Ohio, said that a former friend attacked her. The woman was brutally beaten with a hammer in front of her children and after that, the attacker went online to brag about the terrible deed.

What are the details?

According to The Blaze, Autumn Hines shared that her former friend, Jamela Chatman, turned against her in a vicious attack without caring that her kids were watching the whole thing.

The mother had asked her friend to move out of her home because the lease had been obtained through a YMCA program and she wasn’t on it.

27-year-old Chatman got mad when she heard that. She forced the mother to pull over after driving her car in front of it. After that, she attacked the other woman with a hammer.

Hines said that Chatman jammed open her car door, beat her with bare fists, and then with the hammer. And it all happened while the woman’s 5-year-old twins were watching.

“So, the police came around 30 minutes later, I was gushing blood, but my adrenaline was rushing so bad I didn't even know,” Hines said.

She also said the attacker took her car keys in the confrontation and that now she can’t get to work because she can’t afford to buy another set of keys for her car. The victim keeps having headaches after the terrible attack.

Authorities stated that Chatman posted on social media after the attack, bragging about the assault and how she had threatened the victim. When Chatman was taken into custody at her home, police found a hammer and one shoe that matched the other shoe she had left in the victim’s car.

Chatman is currently facing charges of robbery and felonious assault. She pleaded not guilty. Her bond was set at $19,000.

“You turn around and do it in front of my kids. Yes, I'm hurt. Yes, I'm mad. I want her to pay for what she put me through, the mental stress, the emotional stress with me and my kids,” Hines said.

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