California pastor hands out vaccine exemption letters: “We get to make choices”

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A pastor from Rocklin, California, is giving out vaccine “exemption letters” which are meant to help people avoid vaccine mandates while advocating freedom of religion, as The Blaze reports.

What are the details?

Destiny Christian Church Pastor Greg Fairrington stated that he’s simply pro-freedom. He does not oppose the COVID-19 vaccine at all.

“On Sunday, we prayed for educators, nurses, doctors, and first responders who are being mandated to get the vaccine or lose their job. Many feel morally compromised by taking it — let this prayer speak to you if you're in the same situation,” his church posted on social media.

This is happening at a time when the government of California has ruled that all state employees must either get the vaccine shots or go through COVID-19 testing two times a week. Fairrington has become highly popular after the requirement came out and several employees asked for his help to keep their jobs without having the vaccine.

“People have a moral objection to taking a vaccine,” the pastor explained to KCRA-TV.

The pastor admitted that he made the letters specifically so that people could bypass the state order based on their freedom of religion.

“There should not be a mandate in place, it should be the freedom of conscience. They can make a choice. And so yes, we're going to receive criticism, we understand that. But we understand that America is the land of the free, we get to make choices here,” Fairrington explained.

He shared that many people traveled from far-away places so they could get his exemption letters. In his opinion, the positive response to his letters has been amazing.

“But I'm freedom of conscience, I want people to make a choice,” the pastor concluded, pointing out that many of his closest friends decided to take the vaccine.

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