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Stray cat living at DFW Airport finds forever home with pilot. Long-lost brother was there too

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Two long-lost brothers were reunited in a journey that took four years and a lot of love.

In October 2017, Marcus Vincent was flying into DFW Airport, a passage he had gone through many times as a pilot. While having a layover in Boston, his captain told him about a stray cat who was very friendly and hanging out at Terminal C Gate 21 at DFW Airport.

His interest was immediately piqued and when they landed in DFW the pilot already had some cat food. He rushed to the gate where the cat lived and saw a small, black-and-white cat huddled close to the gangway. He put out some food and called his wife, as The Star Telegram reports.

“He takes a picture of him, sends it to me and says, ‘This cat looks so scared.’ So, I said, ‘Let’s figure out a way to get him,’” Debbie Vincent said.

Next, she looked on social media for a cat rescuer to trap Mickey for her. One employee at the airport remembers how the cat changed as soon as someone showed him love. In the beginning Mickey wouldn’t go near any cans of food until the people drove away, but one day he came and rubbed against the employee’s hand.

“Then he started choosing affection first and food second,” she shared in a text with the outlet.

Connie Ziegler Stout works with Mid-Cities Community Cats, a non-profit that finds stray cats in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They usually trap, neuter and release them, but when they are friendly, they also try to find a home for them. Mickey was the first cat she caught at the DFW Airport.

Two days later Debbie Vincent contacted her about the stray cat. “My husband had seen him on Monday, and she trapped him on Tuesday,” she said. So, the pilot and his wife took Mickey in. And it has not been an easy ride. While he was friendly, Mickey was still a stray cat and “he put the fear of you-know-what into me,” Debbie Vincent shared.

In time Mickey got used to his new home and he now loves to cuddle and sleep with his mom.

“He is the sweetest boy now. I honestly believe that you just need patience and love,” she added.

Where was his brother?

In January 2020, Stout was contacted about another stray tuxedo cat at the airport. And this one wasn’t friendly at all. And that’s how Milo met Stout. The cat ran away from people, but she still kept tags on him over the next year.

In January 2021 Stout heard that Milo had changed and was now letting people come close and pet him. And when Stout came by, he even let her pick him up.

“It’s a miracle that he became friendly. Feral cats do not turn around as adults. He was not adoptable. Now, he is so sweet. I don’t know how he got so friendly living at the airport,” she said for the outlet.

Debbie Vincent also saw one video with Milo and immediately thought of Mickey. “We commented and said they look so much alike. Because of the age, and where they are, they could be related.”

Last week the couple brought Milo home and on Friday Mickey and Milo met for the very first time.

Mickey said hello while standing on the coffee table and peering into the large crate at the almost identical cat inside.

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