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Southwest pilot sick of unruly Dallas passengers: “Just wear the mask, it’s not a political statement”

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A Southwest Airlines pilot got so fed up with misbehaving Dallas passengers who always argue when told to use masks that he stepped out of the cockpit and gave them a mini lecture right before takeoff.

The pilot said he knows people don’t like masks, and he doesn’t particularly enjoy wearing one either. What he can’t stand is a lack of rules and unchecked risks just because people don’t feel like keeping to that one requirement.

What are the details?

According to the pilot, lack of rules is chaos and the need to have a mask on is just part of a set of requirements that are necessary right now. Not loving face masks is not a good enough excuse to break the rules.

And the lecture he gave passengers on board right before taking off certainly caused a wave of reactions on social media.

“We have to wear them. It’s a rule. It’s not a political statement. It’s not me taking your rights away. It’s not me asserting my will on you, etc. All the rhetoric that I hear, I don’t want to hear it anymore. I get it. It’s just a rule and if we don’t have rules we have anarchy,” the pilot said.

How did people take the lecture?

Here are a few of the reactions to the pilot’s speech:

“Problem is this type of thing always backfires. The pilot’s frustration is understandable, but at least he’s had a consistent paycheck and healthcare over the last 16 months unlike most of his passengers,” one user said.
“Unbelievable that this pilot, an officer and a gentleman, had to give this lecture to the passengers so that they'll behave on a flight that lasts one hour and 45 minutes. This is what he must do to avoid mayhem. I'm not getting on a plane until we're in the after-corona times,” was how another user felt.

“This is amazing. I wish it was like this at my job.”
“As far as wearing masks... ‘If you were smart you went to Costco and bought a 7-pound bag of potato chips that would take you and hour and 43 minutes to eat, but you didn't do that.’ I love that pilot's attitude.”
“Hard to believe they have to do this for adults. But this is where we are. I think people have de-evolved during the pandemic,” was another reaction.
“Glad to hear him state his mind. It’s utterly ridiculous how people fight the rules tooth & nail. They ruin the flying experience for everyone, especially airline workers.”
“Sad state when adult passengers are instructed how to behave!”
“It's a sad time in the industry when a pilot feels they must preemptively address the flight to protect their crew.”
“He might be frustrated and upset but this was flawless,” one user concludes.

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