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Day three of travelling chaos brings one in 11 American Airlines flights cancelled at DFW International Airport

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As American Airlines continues to struggle to recover after Sunday’s thunderstorm delays, one in 11 flights were cancelled on Tuesday, leaving many passengers stranded and confused, according to The Dallas Morning News.

What are the details?

American Airlines cancelled over 270 flights on Tuesday, which means about 9% of the company’s schedule. Thousands of passengers have been left stranded, tense and frustrated since Sunday, waiting for their flights, as the news outlet points out.

After severe thunderstorms stopped travel at DFW International Airport on Sunday, the airline couldn’t put all the pieces back together on Monday. And the chaos went on with Tuesday flights. More than three-quarters of Tuesday’s flight cancelations were caused by problems related to crew’s availability, as specified in an internal document obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

“A prolonged severe weather event in Dallas Fort-Worth on Sunday night into Monday morning brought sustained heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, microbursts and hail to our largest hub. The nine-hour weather event resulted in flight delays, cancellations and nearly 100 diversions. Our team members are working around the clock to care for our customers,” was the statement from American Airlines.

How did passengers react?

Many people were discontent and had difficulties due to the unexpected cancellations. Here are some of their comments:

“My husband and I have been in the DFW airport since Sunday. We are here now and our flight that is scheduled today just got delayed. This is completely unfair. We had to stay two nights in a hotel we called, and we paid for and $60 for and Uber to get to. I just want to go home,” one user wrote.

“After being diverted to OKC, my brother (and rest of the passengers) sat on the plane for 12 hours with no food and no explanation! Flight finally made it to DFW to find not a single employee working. No idea of where bags are or how to get to his final destination,” is another situation.

“You might want to fix this over in Dallas right now. You can’t cancel a late-night flight with no help for your customers! I’m sure your pilots and flight attendants didn’t have to sleep at the airport last night.”

“My flight was canceled twice due to lack of crew members (totally unacceptable) I was asked for additional payment to keep my seat (no reimbursements after second cancellation) my bag is missing, and help was refused by personnel.”

“My family of 4 has been trying to get to North Carolina since Saturday morning. 2 canceled flights, 4 gate changes, an unplanned diversion, 3 destinations (CLT, ILM, DFW), two 8+ hours phone wait, and we are still in DFW. Worst travel experience I’ve ever had,” is another terrible story.

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