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DFW hospitals’ request for additional staff to deal with COVID-19 delta variant was denied

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The DFW Hospital Council has stated that more than 500 extra staff was requested last week. This follows a procedure used in the past, but this time round the request was denied.

Hospitals are being told to make their own plans for handling the delta variant surge, as Fox News reports.

What are the details?

The news outlet has brought to light that several hospitals in North Texas have requested hundreds of additional staff to be able to handle patient increases. Unfortunately, funding was denied by the state.

Due to the spread of the delta variant hospitals in the DFW area need extra staff, just like it happened last year during the pandemic.

The DFW Hospital Council has asked for 500 additional staff, but the request was turned down. Fox 4 has confirmed the denial by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

It has also been suggested that each county should use COVID-19 relief money to help out hospitals.

“Unless there's a change in the behaviors of those who are not vaccinated and they become vaccinated, I think that the numbers will continue to rise,” Floyd Wormley, Associate Provost for Research at TCU, said for the station.

An executive order issued by Gov. Greg Abbott states that masks can’t be required in buildings or schools. Private businesses are allowed to make their own rules.

Starting Monday all employees and visitors at Dallas County courthouse have to use face coverings.

And beginning today all Target employees will have to wear masks. Target is thus joining other big retailers like Sam’s Club and Walmart who are mandating masks.

“You have trusted your family physician from the very beginning. Why do you not trust them now? You need to go to them. If they tell you to get the shot, don't second guess them,” Judge Whitley said.
“It can only mutate if it has a susceptible host to mutate in. So more of us have to become vaccinated. We can get this under control, and we can drive the numbers down so that it won't mutate, and we won't get to the lambda virus,” Wormley explained.

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