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“Trespass suspect” fished out of hot tub: “You’re so pretty, I’ll name you Emma”

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Body camera footage released on Thursday showed how the main suspect in a trespass case was caught swimming in a homeowner’s hot tub in Fulshear, Texas, as reported by The Star Telegram.

What are the details?

Authorities got called in for a “suspect swimming in a private pool” incident on July 23. The unusual “trespass” happened in the Fulshear Creek neighborhood, as the news outlet points out.

The mysterious suspect turned out to be an alligator who had sneaked inside a backyard and didn’t hesitate to get some relax time in the hot tub.

“An unknown suspect had entered a homeowner’s backyard and decided to go for a swim in their hot tub,” the Fulshear Police Department wrote on social media.

In the footage officers can be seen while trying to catch the alligator in a net in the beginning. After a while they gave up struggling and decided that a more direct approach was the answer.

So, they fished the little gator out of the tub and one of the officers grabbed it fast by the neck and snout. After that the “trespasser” was taken into custody without incident.

And the officer who took the “criminal” to the patrol car wasn’t displeased in the least! He can be heard saying, “You’re so pretty, I’m going to name you Emma.”

“The suspect resisted at first but was soon arrested and later released without further incident,” it was added in the social media post.

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