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Armed man carjacks Houston ambulance, drives off with EMT and patient in the back

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A man carjacked a Houston Fire Department ambulance at gunpoint early on Friday morning. An EMT and a patient were still inside the ambulance when the shocking incident took place, as reported by WFAA.

What are the details?

The incident occurred at about 3 a.m. on Friday. The location was close to the 610 West Loop and Beechnut, in the Meyerland area, as the news outlet points out.

HFD Chief Samuel Pena revealed that an EMT had been driving the ambulance. A second EMT was in the back with a patient. While the ambulance was taking the patient to a hospital an armed man suddenly started shooting toward the vehicle. The attacker forced the ambulance to pull over. Then he threatened the EMT who was driving it with his gun and took over the vehicle.

The man drove away and the EMT was left on the side of the road.

However, the ambulance was not empty when it got stolen. The EMT in the back realized something was wrong because the vehicle was no longer heading in the right direction. She also checked the window from the rear and saw that there was someone else driving it.

After that the suspect alleged targeted the EMT who was still in the back of the vehicle with his gun. The suspect used the radio a few times too, telling the dispatchers that he was the one “driving the ambulance, trying to talk to somebody.”

Police officers reacted quickly to the emergency and located the vehicle via GPS. The officers and the EMT inside the ambulance worked together to end the incident peacefully. The man was arrested along the Southwest Freeway and Weslayan.

The EMT was praised by the fire chief for being able to keep the patient safe, make sure they were treated and also “deescalate” the dangerous situation. She was praised for doing an “outstanding job.”

“This is not part of their jobs, to be kidnapped, to be assaulted at gunpoint, but it definitely has become a risk of the job. We’re very thankful that everybody is okay, but it’s not acceptable for our firefighters and EMTs to be assaulted when their job is to go out there and make a positive impact,” the police chief stated on Friday.

It is not known why the man decided to attack and steal the ambulance.

“There’s something definitely wrong about this. An individual like this should not be out on the street,” the police chief added.

No one was injured in the incident and another ambulance came on the scene to take over transporting the patient to a hospital.

The authorities have not released any names yet.

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