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Father charged with murder after firing 17 times in Lincoln Park fight to protect kids

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Antoine Anderson was at Lincoln Park in Fort Worth with his kids when he suddenly saw an Impala with men inside who kept throwing their hands out the window.

He went to get his kids when he saw fighting was about to break out. And then he heard gunshots everywhere, according to a warrant affidavit obtained by The Star Telegram. The father now faces a murder charge after using his gun when he felt threatened.

What are the details?

Anderson saw a man pointing a gun out of the Impala and he took out his own gun, as he told Fort Worth investigators.

He fired 17 times at the Impala, based on the arrested warrant affidavit. At least two men also shot toward him from the Impala.

Steve Espinosa, 27, the driver of the vehicle, was killed in the encounter. His passenger, who also used his gun, was injured in the shooting confrontation.

Anderson has been taken into custody on Friday. He is the third suspect arrested after the incident that took place on April 3. The 36-year-old father is facing a murder charge.

Jonathan Banks, 19, and Ray C. Williams, 44, of Fort Worth, were also taken into custody for the shooting.

Williams has been charged with murder and Banks is charged on a count of organized crime, as the news outlet points out.

The passenger in the Impala stated that he and Steve Espinosa were headed to Lincoln Park and when they pulled into the parking lot the car was surrounded by several men and they started arguing. The conflict quickly escalatesd into a shooting. Initially, the passenger told Fort Worth detectives that he did not use his gun, but then he admitted that he leaned out of the window and shot toward the men to protect himself.

A home surveillance video obtained by the authorities also shows that Espinosa was able to drive the Impala out of the parking lot while three men were running after them with guns at the ready.

Fort Worth officers who responded to the shooting found the Impala in the 3000 block of Lincoln Avenue. Espinosa was in the driver seat, but no longer breathing. The shots were fatal for him.

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