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Holidays return to Randolph school calendar after 5-hour "shouting match"

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The members of the Randolph Board of Education had previously voted to remove all holiday names form the calendar, in an attempt to avoid any “hurt feelings.” However, this only started a controversy wave spiked with plenty of threats and complaints.

How did it all happen?

In a Tuesday report from WNBC-TV it is stated that the Randolph Township Board of Education had previously announced its intention to remove and rename Columbus Day from the school calendar. When parents complained about his step, the school took an even more controversial decision, choosing to remove all holiday names from the calendar. This only made parents angrier.

Instead of names, the school board chose to refer to any holidays as “days off,”, as The Blaze points out.

Parents were not going to let things stay this way, though. They fought back to make their opinions heard.

“After a five-hour shouting match with parents at a New Jersey school district, the school board has reversed its decision to remove all holidays from the school calendar,” WNBC revealed.

The Morristown Daily Record also stated that all attendees at the meeting that took several hours witnessed “calls for resignations and about 50 speakers during the public session.”

“The overwhelming majority of speakers accused the board of bringing what they called 'woke' and 'cancel culture' actions into their school system,” William Westhoven reported on Tuesday for the news outlet.

The decision was reversed in the end.

“This sets an uncomfortable precedent that with enough threats, harassment, and intimidation, a select group, not necessarily Randolph voters, can force the district to its will,” board member Ronald Conti said for the outlet.

“The resolution seems to be an attempt to stop the slanted, inflammatory, and poorly reported nonsense,” Jeanne M. Stifelman, another board member, added.

The news station also pointed out that parents had been circulating a petition asking for Randolph school board members to resign.

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