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Atlanta teens climb on moving car trying to sell driver a bottle of water

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The busy roadways in Atlanta are seeing an added risk from a new type of “business” going on lately. Several disturbing encounters have happened in traffic between Atlanta motorists and boys selling water on the side of the road. The last incident was even more dangerous, though.

As Fox News reported, there are teenagers and some even younger who pick specific intersections in the city and try to sell water to motorists passing by for a dollar. This type of aggressive street-side sale had been a hot controversy for a few months already.

What happened recently?

A scene shocked most people on the road. This time two boys got on a vehicle that did not stop to buy water and they still tried for the sale.

According to attorney Jackie Patterson, a former officer, what happened is a crime, and it depicts assault going on in the city.

“It is reprehensible and must be stopped. Police must be allowed to move in there and arrest these kids. Even if they spend just one night in the juvenile detention center that may send a message,” said Patterson as reported by Fox News.

The incident happened on Lenox Road, in the council district of Howard Shook. He believes that Mayor Bottoms’ administration has “miscalculated” if it is trying to steer the younger city residents toward applying for summer jobs. He does not think this can solve the ongoing issue and the assault-like sale situation happening right now.

“It doesn't work. The residents are going nuts over this,” Shook said according to the news outlet.

Last week the mayor stated that her office is trying to create a strategy for Atlanta that would safely direct the boys to a different occupation and would also enable them to make the money.

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