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Eastpointe woman gets fined $385 for talking too loud on sidewalk: “I was targeted because I am black”

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Diamond Robinson was just walking up and down Cushing Street in Eastpointe where she lives and talking on her phone Thursday. That was when she was approached by one of her neighbors and a whole ordeal was set in motion.

According to Fox News, the neighbor asked Robison, “Do you think that you can get off your phone or talk lower?”

What are the details?

“One of those things she said. And I said, 'Get out of my face,' and I proceeded to walk past her. She is saying whatever she is saying, three minutes later, Eastpointe police pulls up,” Robinson shared, as the news outlet reports.

Seeing how things were evolving Robinson decided to record everything in a live video.

“And I hope you know this is all being recorded,” she announced the officers while doing the video.

The neighbor who asked for police assistance has recently moved to the neighborhood and is a white woman. Robinson is convinced that she was targeted this way because she, on the other hand, is a black woman.

“I'm not doing anything wrong by walking up and down the street talking on my phone,” Robinson said.

However, while she was recording the whole thing the police officers wrote her a ticket. And not a cheap one! She was fined $385.

“I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I'm talking too loud on my phone. That's why I got a ticket? There's no way police should be called on me when I am on my own property, in my own neighborhood, on my own block,” the affected woman protested.

Robinson plans to contest the ticket. The incident made her so upset that she will be installing security cameras to cover the outside of her home, Fox News reported.

“A lot of these things are being pushed under the rug and they don't need to be. We can sit here all day and we can chant, we can riot, and we can do all of those things but that is not going to make a change if you don't speak up at that time, at that moment,” Robinson said.
She also sent out a message to the woman who called the police on her: “Leave me alone, what's going on, are you upset? What did I do to you?”

As the news outlet revealed, the neighbor did not want to talk about what happened but feels that the “fine speaks for itself” as far as the Eastpointe incident is concerned.

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