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Black Lives Matter protester threatens police in Kansas City: ”Guess what we doing? We gonna knock on your door”

Amy Christie

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A video recorded in Kansas City on Tuesday for the anniversary of George Floyd's death reportedly showed a Black Lives Matter protestor standing in a blocked-off intersection and launching threats to the police through a bullhorn.

“Cause we're tired of being pulled over for air fresheners...”, the woman declared, referring to one of the reasons why Daunte Wright was pulled over before his tragic death.
“I'm waiting for one of those to pull me over. Cause baby, where I'm from we don't give two cents about the police,” the protestor continued, as The Blaze reports.

The biggest boom was yet to come, though. The rant went on and the woman added more tangible threats.

“Guess what we doing? We gonna knock on your door,” the threats soared.

How did people react to the incident?

A great number of those who saw the video were not impressed at all by the declarations.

“I got a grand that says she doesn't have a job,” one user wrote.
“Direct threat on police officers’ lives! How is she not being arrested? America needs to take out the trash! This should be deemed unacceptable by those of any political affiliation” another user exclaimed.
“Why aren't these people being canceled/employers called? Why are the Republicans so docile while the left literally screams racism and hatred,” a commenter asked according to The Blaze.
“I see a person that can now be charged with threats at minimum,” was how a commenter felt about the Kansas City incident.

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