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Washington D.C. TV show host proposes radical solution against police brutality: "It's time to burn it down"

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MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, based in Washington D.C., proposed on Saturday “the most radical” fix for the problems she perceives with police violence and a racist enforcement of the laws, according to The Blaze.

Cross reacted this way after reportedly watching the released video with Ronald Greene, a Louisiana man who passed away while he was in police custody.

“The death of Ronald Greene after a police chase in Louisiana in 2019 is attracting new scrutiny after the publication of police body camera footage that appears to show a starkly different version of events than the one given by the Louisiana State Police,” was the report from New York Times on this issue, published on Friday.

What are the details?

While speaking on her MSNBC show, Cross referred to the problematic criminal justice system.

“I am outraged, and exhausted, and angry. That video is practically unwatchable. And I think about that man's family, and his mother, and what they must be going through,” Cross said.
“And I just wonder— this is clearly not a system that can be reformed, and I just— what can we do to stop this? Because it feels like it's just time to burn it down, you know?" she continued. "We ask, please stop killing us. It hasn't happened. At this point it's a demand and it's still happening,” she continued, according to the Blaze.

The journalist later admitted that she is willing to go for “the most radical of things” to prevent any more killings of black people by the police.

“I don't even know the words to describe the level of outrage I feel thinking about what this man's mother had to watch. I am so ready for this fight, because I don't want to see another person go through that. How do we organize ourselves out of this quagmire? They're attacking our voting rights. They're attacking our lives and livelihoods. They're killing us if they're not over-criminalizing us and putting us in jail. As a longtime organizer what is it that we do? Because I have to say, as a people, for my people, I am up for the most radical of things to make sure that we live,” the Washington D.C. tv how host concluded.

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