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Unexpected Visitor at Lawler Park North

Amy Christie

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No, it wasn’t a coyote or a bobcat! Though they do appear quite frequently, this time the visitor was completely different. And why not admit a bit shocking?

It wasn’t anything I would expect to see around Frisco, but then again, I haven’t seen much more than bunnies, coyotes, beavers, squirrels and the occasional bobcat.

So, spring brought someone new. With the best sight maybe and certainly looking a bit menacing. After a few minutes, I figured it wasn’t dangerous, but it certainly changed my picture about wildlife around Frisco.

No end to diversity, animals first

This visitor had wings and could see a tiny mouse from a long distance. It was resting quietly when I spotted it. And it made me remember stories and the documentaries where people wear special gloves to keep hawks close.

A Cooper’s Hawk dropping by

Yes, a real hawk showed up at Lawler Park North. And what a sight that was. It wasn’t threatening in any way, but it only took a moment to gather 6 people who were also curious about it.

The feathers and orange eyes were certainly striking. It was a beautiful bird that I couldn’t stop admiring.

Watching him was great and I do hope the hawk wasn’t simply pushed out of his home by the constructions work. It happens too often, and animals just end up with nowhere to live.

If it came only to have a snack or to hunt a bunny that would only be nature taking its course.

Did you spot any Cooper’s hawks around Frisco? What do you think of them?

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