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Traffic Signal Work Going on in Frisco on Preston Road

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The City Hall is sending out a word of caution to all Frisco drivers. There will be traffic signal work happening on Preston Road, today and tomorrow, at two intersections. The planned work will be completed soon if the weather allows it. Find out where the intersections are located and on which days you need to watch out and possibly slow down.

Traffic signal work needs double precaution from drivers

The City Hall will need the help of everyone on the road to make sure the work on the two traffic signals goes well and there are no dangerous situations. You will have to take extra safety measures if you will be driving near the work zone or you could think of alternate routes to avoid any delays in getting where you’re headed to.

Where is the traffic signal work planned to start from today?

The following two intersections on Preston Road in Frisco will be affected by the ongoing work:

  • John Hickman Pkwy at Preston Rd: work will begin today, March 18. According to the City Hall, the contractor will be adjusting signal equipment to take into account the recent lane modifications on John Hickman Pkwy.
  • Lebanon Rd at Preston Rd: the work on this intersection is planned to go ahead on Friday, March 19. Tomorrow the contractor will be adjusting the traffic signal equipment as part of the Lebanon Rd. widening project.

What will happen with the two traffic signals while work is going on?

Both projects will need the traffic signals to be in flashing mode.

What time will you have to be careful near the work zone?

The projects will go on from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on each of the two days. Police officers will be at both locations today and tomorrow to direct traffic and prevent accident risks.

How can you contribute to prevent any issues?

All Frisco drivers are urged to be cautious while driving close to the two intersections on Thursday and Friday. You can either drive slower than usual and follow the police officers’ directions carefully or you could come up with an alternate route to avoid any trouble or being late to your destination.

Apps can do the trick, too

If you’re out of ideas for alternate routes, there’s no need to worry. Frisco City Hall recommends the Waze app. It’s a great tool that will help you navigate around road closures.

You can use this link to find out more about the app and to download it on your smartphone.

Drive friendly in Frisco!

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