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Streets Closed in Frisco for the 5K. How to Find Your Best Route

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Plan to be driving tomorrow in the Frisco Square area? If it will be in the morning you must look out for the closed streets. Avoid delays or mishaps by keeping track of the closure list provided by the City Hall. See how your access is modified and think of new routes in advance.

Many of the streets in the Frisco Square area will be closed off on Saturday morning, March 13. The closure is due to the 5k race going on and it will affect access to the Plaza and the City Hall.

How long will the closure last?

The streets won’t be accessible for drivers between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. on March 13.

What are the affected streets?

If you will be driving in the area at that time, please keep in mind the list set out by the Frisco City Hall:

  • Library Street will be closed between Frisco Square Boulevard and Cotton Gin Road
  • Cotton Gin Road will be closed between Dallas Parkway and Library Street
  • Frisco Square Boulevard will be closed between World Cup Way and Frisco Street
  • Page Street will be closed between the city hall parking garage and Burlington Street.

What about going to the plaza or the library?

During the closure drivers will not be able to get to the plaza in front of the City Hall. Nor can they have access to the Frisco Library. There is, however, an available alternative. The free municipal parking garage behind the building can be accessed by approaching it on Page Street, coming from the west.

Also note that there won’t be any direct access to the drive-up library book drop-off. This will be strictly temporary. Library patrons will be able to drive into the parking garage and stop near the book drop-off. All roads will be open once the Library opens at 10 a.m.

Who can use Main Street and Coleman Boulevard?

The parking lots accessible from these streets, behind the Frisco Square businesses, should only be used by the following groups:

  • Residents who have their home north of the Frisco Square plaza
  • Everyone who takes part in the 5k race
  • Business traffic on Coleman Boulevard

What groups can use northbound Dallas Parkway or World Cup Way to reach Page Street?

This route is meant to give access to the free parking garage located behind the City Hall and the Library. Here is who should go for it:

  • Library staff plus patrons who get there before 10 a.m. (this includes book drop-off traffic)
  • Everyone taking part in the 5k race

Who are Main Street and John W. Elliott Drive reserved for?

These groups should head for the 2 streets:

  • Residents who have their home east of Library Street
  • Frisco Heritage Center.

What happens if you are headed for the Frisco Discovery Center?

If you want to get to the Frisco Discovery Center before 10 a.m., you will have to approach the facility by using its driveway on northbound Dallas Parkway.

App use strongly encouraged

The Frisco Hall advises caution to all drivers passing the work zone and seeking an alternate route before they set out. The Waze app is also handy for easier navigation around the road closure.

Drive safe and if you don’t have an emergency to solve why not come for the race? It only happens once in a while!

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