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How the Search for Apartments Goes in Frisco: Wade Crossing Tour Review

Amy Christie

Photo by Amalia Skelton

March will be my hunting month for apartments in Frisco. Since I am going to move, touring several locations will definitely be needed. Check in often to find out all the details about what different units and complexes have to offer. We might look for different things in an apartment, but you can also spot some of the things that matter to you.

This weekend one of the visits I made was to Wade Crossing. I liked it when looking online since it’s got a great location. It’s close to the Athletic Center in Frisco, within walking distance from the mall, and very close to schools too, if you need that.

While I had driven by it several times, I didn’t truly notice the building until last week, when I went round on purpose, trying to see if living here would be doable.

What I could tell from the outside

I liked how the building looked on the outside. It reminded me of a little castle because of the way the roof and the corners are shaped, plus the pillars, and the entrance gates.

During the weekend I could get a clear view for the inside as well

I scheduled a tour for 3 p.m. and arrived there on time, ready to check out the whole range of amenities they had to offer. I must say I got very curious because during the 4 previous days I had been reading through reviews and everyone seemed very happy to live there, in some case with residents staying in the same place for several years.

Powered by positive opinion I set foot inside

I was greeted warmly and given the key for a B3 apartment to check out. By the way, at Wade Crossing they do self tours. I think it’s a great idea since you get to see everything by yourself and you can set your own rhythm and get the chance to notice all the little things that make a home cozy and welcoming.

Off I went, took down the little gate latch, went in the yard with the water feature, and then again through the second little gate, down with the second latch, and straight to the door of the B3 apartment. I want to point out that the door is nicely made, a dark black-gray, with an interesting metal knocker.

B3 features at Wade Crossing

To make it easier I will set out pros and cons as I encountered them.

The pros for the B3 apartment:

1. Having a little door to the side just when you go in where you can hang your coat and put your shoes, so you don’t mess up the carpet or go all the way to the kitchen wearing outside gear.

2. The cozy laid-back living room, which made me think of a warm fireplace, a great spot to watch tv or read in the afternoons while having tea.

3. The built-in shelves. It’s not wood shelves or any kind of wardrobe, they are made directly in the wall and it looks very special.

4. The round balcony: the B3 is actually sitting right on the corner of the building that gives it the castle look. Whether you are on the first floor or the next 2, you will still enjoy your very own fairytale balcony with plenty of space.

5. The storage place located on the hallway continuing from the main bedroom bathroom. It’s a great way to store towels, bedsheets, blankets, and other things you need without humidity getting to them.

6. Both bedrooms are equal size and equally connected: By that I mean that for each you get in straight in its own bathroom, closet, or head out to the hallway. In many buildings its just the master bedroom that’s connected to everything.

Photo by Amalia Skelton

On to the cons

While there were a great many positive things, I must also note the issues that drew my attention in a negative way. They might not be decisive, and I could still decide to live there. However, it pays to always know what possible negative issues you will have to deal with:

1. No trash chute, you have to go throw the garbage yourself

2. The kitchen looked like a bar corner: Initially it might seem like a good idea, especially if you are entertaining people, but having that high walled-like crossing all around the sinks and the place where you will be cooking, storing things, and using the fridge made me feel isolated. Beyond that, I also got a feeling it would get hot in there if you must be sealed off like that.

3. The bathtub in the second bathroom: I was expecting to have a bathtub in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom and a shower cabin in the second one. However, at Wade Crossing the second bathroom also features a bathtub, a very unlikely one, too. It’s very low, there’s a curtain around it, and seems to be half-way in -between a garden bathtub and the tiny tub for a cabin. All in all, I might get used to that, but it felt very unfamiliar.

4. The right angle between the dining area and the living room: since the kitchen wall near the sinks is too high, you must get a table for dining. The problem is that the area is located at a right angle from the living room. In practice that means there’s no way you can watch TV while eating. Might be healthier, but I would miss it lots.

5. The entrance from the outside: it looks independent and airy, but that’s mostly for summer. What about winter when you need to keep warm inside the apartment? Having cold air blowing under the entrance door is not ideal.

Best feature for me

I think the pros and cons are fairly balanced for Wade Crossing and I wouldn’t hurry to make a decision on it. I appreciate the many reviews saying maintenance repairs are prompt and management is always friendly.

For me, there was one thing that stood out about these apartments. And it’s nothing to do with heating bills! I loved the water feature in the yard while I was crossing to the little entrance gate with the latch. It was calming and soothing and hearing that every day while working from home would be the best experience!

White noise has been a life changer for me. It might tempt me to live here very soon!

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