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Bright Academy Admission Forms Available NOW-March 16

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Bright Academy is all about a unique way of teaching and learning. It increases students’ perception of language, culture, and global issues. The transdisciplinary program which blends creative thinking, communication, and problem solving might just be the answer for your child’s skills. Admission Forms are now available!

Frisco ISD has let out that it’s started taking admission forms for Bright Academy. All interested students can submit the form from now until March 16.

How to learn more details about the program and the admission process?

You can use this link to find out all about the program, clarify any doubts, and makes sure it is the right fit for each child.

All interested students can apply today. Click here for the admission form. Good luck!

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The Frisco Commons: What’s Still Biting, Who Can Step on the Grass, and Who’s Lounging in the Middle of the Pond

Even though all play fields were closed for the weekend and there was no chance to play any sport, I still felt like walking. And what better place to get your share of fresh air than the Frisco Commons? Off I went and what I found there made my day.

The Trick a Trout Event happened yesterday, and it was obviously a great success judging by the large numbers of people still fishing on Sunday near the pond. Adults, kids, and pets had a fun day at the Frisco Commons in spite of the clouded sky that was a constant stormy threat.

As I walked on the first alley, I saw a ton of puddles and muddy patches, so zigzagging and hopping around turned into second nature after a few minutes. I didn’t mind at all, it was actually fun not to walk strictly on your side of the path and feel like you could play for a bit jumping over puddles, slashing through muddy patches or just sliding on.

Pets, fishers, and … songs

There were plenty of people who made the same decision. To go out and enjoy the Commons despite the unfriendly sky. Yes, it had rained only an hour before but why stay locked up inside when an umbrella can rescue you any time of day? After all, taking the rain challenge more than makes up for the extra energy you need to get out of cozy mood and set out to move in humid weather.

Since I needed to beat my wish to stay on the couch reading all day, The Frisco Commons was the perfect destination to get active for a while and have a brisk walk. There were many pets around, all pleased with the change of air.

The suddenly warm weather in the last few days was a bit of a shock after the frozen week we had, so I feel that having this rainy weekend was a nice go-between and a time to re-adjust your body to the new season waiting around the corner.

Traces of trout, baits at the ready

As soon as I could see the pond, I knew for sure that the Trick a Trout Event had left some fish around and plenty of excitement. There were many fishermen of all ages enjoying the day out and trying to get the best catch.

I witnessed 5 trout being caught simultaneously, I saw buckets being loaded with fish, and most of all everyone was smiling and having a great time. Singing, being comfortable, and just chilling out to get the positive vibe and a catch to remember.

What I found when I looked closer to the middle of the pond

Drawn by the fun everyone was having I started out on the shores and ended up in the middle, overlooking the little railing. It had been weeks since spotting any turtles, so I figured they would stay hidden today too, trying to get warmth and have some quiet. Well, it turned out I was wrong!

They like to be friendly, too! All those people and the fishing going on must have encouraged them to get out and about. There were 5 swimming in different parts of the pond plus a turtle just in the middle, taking little breaths, and watching curiously how everyone was spending the day. I waved and I think it saw me. If it could smile it would have!

Ginger steps on the grass

In my attempt to say hi to some birds I got mired up in mud, no matter how carefully I tried to walk. It was so soft and mushy that you would have to be half floating to get anywhere on the fields. But … there was someone who could do it!

The birds had no issues at all. They took over all fields, were singing non-stop, and had the best time with people off their territory. They got close to anyone who took a chance with the mud.

Rainy days don’t take anything away from the Frisco Commons. You might not be able to play sports, but just walking there, seeing the birds and turtles, and relaxing with the whole free vibe around you is totally worth your time. Or at the very least your Sunday. Come soon and be prepared. When picnics start you will need treats and a soft blanket to be out in the sun!

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