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Your Part for a Sustainable Future: Bring a Bottle Get a Bottle at IKEA Frisco, February 13

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This is your chance to counter the challenges of climate change! Come refill your reusable bottle at IKEA Frisco and receive your free bottle!

Unsustainable consumption can jeopardize our future. That’s why every little step taken to support the environment can make a difference. It might not seem like a lot right now, but your contribution will truly make a difference on the long run. Protecting the environment is essential for your way of life and for the generations to come. In a world where climate change, growing inequality, and unsustainable consumption threaten to engulf resources or to make them available only to restricted categories of people it is worth considering what you can do to put this process on halt.

Start doing something right now and the time won’t pass in vain for our planet. IKEA Frisco’s initiative comes as a useful and ambitious step that will take us closer to a more sustainable future. It’s a worthwhile effort since you won’t be doing it just for yourself or only to have a good time. Creating a rational system for reusing water bottles will contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment and seeing animals and plants thrive again.

Who is involved in this initiative?

According the event’s website, IKEA’s partners, customers, and co-workers got involved in this project so that we can all make a difference starting this weekend.

When and where?

If you wish to be a part of this sustainable project come to Frisco IKEA on Saturday, February 13, from 12 p.m. The event will last until 2 pm. The address is 7171 IKEA Drive Frisco, TX 75034.

How does it work?

Once you arrive at the IKEA store in Frisco with your own reusable water bottle you should go to refill it at the water station. It will be located near the entrance. Once you do that you will get the free bottle from IKEA. The co-worker by the entrance desk will be distributing the bottles.

Is there any fee?

No, this event is free for everyone. Encouraging your friends and family to come could go a long way towards reducing constant pressure on resources and the environment. Put your actions to good use and become involved in an initiative that will help us all feel better and live in a cleaner environment.

Re-using bottles contributes greatly to avoiding waste products and stopping the damaging effect they have on the planet. The IKEA event can be part of your strategy to help the planet each day. Why not give a chance to re-using bottles and preventing dangerous waste accumulating and affecting animals and plants?

Having fresh air and being able to take nature walks depends on each and every one of us. There is no gesture that doesn’t count. All we do today will impact our future for the better or for the worse. By taking part in initiatives like this one you can do your part in making the world a friendlier place, where we can all have clean air, lush vegetation, animals living freely in their habitat, and no more hazy days from the smog. Don’t wait for others to do something. You can also put your best foot forward, stay determined in the strategy for a clean environment, and put any spare time you have to great use by reducing waste.

Let’s save the planet together. One little step at a time. Small gestures matter more than you think. Come by and don’t forget to let the word out to your family, friends, and co-workers.

The more people help out, the faster there will be positive results.

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