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Frisco Businesses To Receive Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits. Find Out How to Apply

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Frisco businesses will benefit from the Chamber of Commerce’s support initiative in the fight against COVID-19. Eligible businesses can apply to receive the rapid nasal swab test kits.

Together against COVID-19, a partnership with benefits for local companies

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) and other chambers of commerce in the state to create the program.

What does it imply?

The program is about distributing COVID-19 nasal test kits with rapid results to eligible businesses located in the city of Frisco.

What’s in the testing kits?

Each of the COVID-19 testing kits consists of 40 tests plus one bottle of solution. There are supply constrictions withing each kit which make it necessary to keep each one in a single location.

Move fast to get the kits

The rapid nasal swab test kits are only available while supplies last. In order to make sure you receive the kit you need to act as soon as possible.

What’s the procedure for a local company to receive a kit?

The first step to having a kit in your possession is to complete the form on Frisco’s Chamber of Commerce’s website.

You can access the form by using this link. It is an interest form which you will need to complete so that it can be established if your company can benefit from having the kit.

You will need to fill in the following sections:

  • Business Name
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Kits Requested
  • County of Business
  • Name of Business Point of Contact
  • Phone Number for Business Point of Contact
  • Email for Business Point of Contact.

Where to ask questions?

The answers should be straightforward, but if you have any doubts you can use an email address to clarify all related issues to filing the form. The email address listed is

What happens after you fill out the form online?

After receiving the form, the next step is for the Chamber of Commerce to qualify the business. When it is determined whether your business qualifies to receive the nasal COVID-19 test kit there will be new steps. Once the decision is made all eligible businesses will receive a notification with further directions.

An essential requirement in the distribution program

A very important requirement mentioned by the Chamber of Commerce is that each eligible company must designate a person within the organization who will complete an online training for this purpose.

This person will also make a commitment to report to TDEM on the progress of the COVID-19 test being administered.

More details about the training course required for all qualified local businesses

Each company in Frisco that will receive the kits will designate one employee who will undergo an online training. At the end of the course there will be a test. The purpose of this test is to certify that the designated employee can be a test administrator for all the other employees within their organization.

No test kits pickup without the certificate

Obtaining the certificate at the end of the online course is mandatory. Unless the employee is confirmed as a test administrator using this method the test kits can’t be picked up. The nasal COVID-19 test kits will only be available after successful completion of the certificate. It has to be provided to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce as a condition for kits pickup.

Additional Information about the COVID-19 tests

The testing kits will be BINAX COVID-19, provided by Abbott Laboratories.

Don’t miss the chance to protect your employees. Fill up the form ASAP before test kits run out.

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