Reality Comes in Shades. How Much Do You Let In?

Amy Christie

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Pale sunlight, dark clouds or barely-glimpsed, out-of-reach sunshine. Reality looks different for every one of us and it can change in just one second.

The parts of reality we each hold on to make up a mirror that shows all our life events float by. Trying to grasp memories will bring smiles, but also tears, depending how long it’s been since we cherished that moment or how far we walked away from the person we used to be back then.

The galaxy of feelings waiting under each smile you test

Every time you smile and laugh you bring in positive energy, you surge forth beyond what meant being you just the other second. Transforming and reshaping your life starts from the tiniest gesture and reaction and so by smiling you make a decision to go towards your goals, lift someone else up, or be supportive and friendly in times of need.

Testing out how you feel after each smile will show you how life glitters away just centimeters from you or it could be you find the stream of actions you desire has moved further away and you need to retrace your steps to reach it again. Either way a smile is a bridge. It’s a chance to see your flaws and cherish them because they make you unique. It’s also the solution to keep fighting, to hold on to your wildest dreams, no matter how improbable they seem right now.

How shared smiles impact the plaiting in the shades of reality

Your smile starts the renewal cycle, it foregoes denial, and withdraws any feeling of hopelessness. It empowers you for new hopes and achievements. But what happens when you have someone to share it with?

It’s not doubling the positive vibes. It’s more of a connection, a deep momentary bond where you both share a feeling and see clearly what unites you. It can last a minute or a lifetime, depending on the person. That’s how friendships and love are crafted, by seamlessly bridging souls and emotions. It’s true you can’t build affection solely on smiles, but without connection there’s no reason to get closer and find out more about each other.

How reality seems to you depends on your inner circle

Do you often think reality is just an objective fact, looking similar to everyone? While daily events might be the same, the way they impact each person is different. If you have a supportive social circle you won’t get mired in negative impressions and won’t waste time dwelling on things you can’t change. Looking for solutions or problems will shape your life path and the one you choose will guide you for a long time to come.

The colors reverberating from the shades of reality surrounding you are always changing, in a fan of emotions that gives you time to breathe, but only just until you plunge into the next experience that remakes who you thought you were. There is no status quo, no time when you can just lounge away. Even when you think you are doing nothing life brings you back what comes from your decisions.

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Reality pulses and keeps you in touch with you higher self, giving you signals when you get sidetracked or feel like you have nothing left to fight for. If you are surrounded by a myriad of grays right now it’s not a reason to think other hues won’t reach you. You will get greens, blues, purples, rosy seconds, and golden moments that will make it all worth it.

Check where you are, see the thread that unites you to like-minded people, and don’t be intimidated if reality seems blurry or glum for a while. You won’t stay in this moment.

Blink away boredom, irritability, or anger and learn to be the best version of yourself. It’s not about studies or the best job. Learning brings life to those things that make you feel you have a purpose and that your soul is still whispering to guide you and protect you.

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