Scent On The Prowl. Why Perfume Lifts Your Mood and Outfit

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Perfume …it coats you in delicious and classy vibes. It brings out your personality and makes you feel irresistible. Find out how much it matters to have that extra splash of perfume every time you go out.

When did you perfume tale start? Maybe when you were little and discovered it on your mother’s vanity table or you felt a spritz making you smile as you passed someone on the street. Regardless of when perfume enters your life, its scent and mesmerizing influence are enticing and hard to resist.

Why you should start dressing in perfume

Planning a sexy outfit for a night out, getting ready for a business meeting, or for an important interview? Perfume is the starting point for dressing up or down. You don’t need to use too much, just enough to envelop you in a cozy, classy scent. Don’t try to use the same perfume all the time, either.

Perfume is not like sports gear

It does work its magic every time, but it won’t be the same scent. For moody, foggy, and rainy days you need a pick-me-up fragrance, probably something woody, incense, and fruity that can lift you above the blues.

On crisp winter days go for perfumes that smell like treats, vanilla, cinnamon, or rare pearls. You will shine out in the short days and seemingly endless winter nights when precious smells and delicacies bring smiles and positive thoughts.

For the times you struggle with difficult tasks at works, try to write an original piece, or get confounded by complicated graphs don’t hesitate to reach again for perfume. Ginger, lemongrass, cardamom, minty notes, and peach undertones will set you up for success.

When interviews hit you up go for fresh linen smells, dotted forget-me-nots, violets, and subdued yellow roses. This combination will lift your mood, help you think of the best answers to tricky questions, and stay energetic through any test or exam.

Dress for success or smell for success?

Smell sets the tone and tells things about you before you have even uttered a word. It also makes you unforgettable. Your presence, your words, the colors you chose, they all stand out when perfume embraces you and releases a world of little details about you.

Perfume whispers, it enchants, and keeps mesmerizing long after you are gone

The same way your perfume announces you just when you enter a room or come closer to shake hands or give a hug, the delightful notes that stay behind will make people remember you.

For your unique abilities, for the way the sun shines around you, and precisely for how you blend in with the scent you chose.

Perfume is not separate, it’s a tenfold you

It’s your second skin. No perfume will smell the same on any two persons. Rock it and own it. No matter who bought a similar bottle, they can’t create the same energy and atmosphere like you do. Choosing your signature scent is just the first step. Learning how it changes on you as the day goes by, seeing which moments make it sparkle or become the background to amazing experiences, is what makes perfume worth it every second.

Don’t give it up to save money

Yes, it costs quite a bit. However, it’s irreplaceable. It’s can’t be deleted from people’s memories. It will be entangled with the way they see you for a long time to come.

Wouldn’t you want to be remembered in a radiant, positive way, even after you no longer meet those people?

Press scented moments in their life notebook and they will cherish you when your name has fled their mind.

Isn’t that the most precious thing of all? To become alight for a second, a breath of pure inspiration, and live on no matter how old you are just because perfume has bonded you to someone else’s memories?

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