Panic No More! Learn How to Put an End to Morning Anxiety

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Worries and dread greet you as soon as you start your day? Morning anxiety is real. Now is the time to act against it and get back to a positive mindset.

Don’t compromise for constant unease. You deserve to fille you mornings with smiles.

As you go about your day the way you wake up will influence your performance, how you communicate, and how effective you will be in setting boundaries and achieving your targets. That’s precisely why you can’t let morning anxiety get the ruling hand in your life.

Coping with it and reducing it gradually can be done if you follow a clear strategy. It’s essential not to give in because you will only feel worse. Constant worrying will make you exaggerate the difficulties and any obstacle you encounter will seem more serious than it should be.

Set out to overcome morning anxiety by following these steps:

1. Check your sleep habits

Sleep hygiene and poor relaxation techniques before going to bed can wreak havoc for anxiety. It’s crucial you get the required sleep hours, otherwise you will have a hard time focusing, keeping track of all the issues you need to solve, remembering the things you learn, or staying calm when dealing with complicated problems.

Low energy levels, a lack of concentration, memory issues, anger, irritability, and anxiety come connected in a negative mix that can set you up for a downward spiral. Don’t accept it as the new normal. There is a lot you can do to improve how you feel.

Consider adopting the following regular habits each evening:

  • Avoid exercising, watching TV, drinking caffeinated sodas, or working right until you go to bed: any stimulating activity will keep you up for hours and you will have a hard time falling asleep.
  • Relax before you go to sleep: you can read a book or try massaging with essential oils
  • Don’t let the bedroom get too warm: 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the limit if you want to have a restful sleep
  • Make sure the light can’t get in: choose curtains or shades that darken the room and help you focus on resting
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same hour, weekends included: this will create a natural rhythm to your sleeping patterns and you will eventually get used to the set times and feel tired close to those hours.
  • Free yourself from all nagging thoughts: you can use a journal for this purpose. It’s a great way to get rid of any thought that’s sitting at the back of your mind and keeping you awake. Just write it there and you can pore more over it the next day. Your night will be free of interruptions and worries.

2. Find your morning anxiety triggers

It could be the little things that happen in the morning and don’t let you stay calm and collected. Your morning routine needs relaxing elements, so try and think of anything that might be stressful or disquieting early on. For example, a very loud alarm clock could trigger morning anxiety. Change the music to a classical or Zen song that will inspire you to get out of bed and make this day your best one.

A never-ending list of tasks for the day that’s just beginning could also make you anxious. If you know you have a busy day ahead avoid adding to the frenzy. Don’t hit the snooze button for the alarm since you will be in a total panic when you eventually wake up and see how late it is.

You could also do some of the tasks in the evening. You will feel better knowing that you could solve part of the chores even if there’s plenty left. Starting from scratch will always seem more daunting so make sure you do a little bit the day before just so you know you have a head start on things.

3. Watch your diet

Checking your menu can go a long way towards aggravating or reducing your anxiety. Unfortunately, this mood disorder will bend towards a poor diet. If your menu is low in veggies, fruits, and lean proteins it’s time to act. Don’t reach for high-fat refined goodies. They will make you worry even more. Treats don’t work well for anxiety. In fact, too many sweets or greasy crunchy snacks will cause your worries to go through the roof.

Balance your diet creatively by adding fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, herring), fresh fruits, and plenty of vegetables. As soon as you go for low-glycemic index carbs for a few days you will notice that you won’t get a racing pulse from every little thing and you will be able to find solutions for your worries even when it seems hard to get out of a sticky situation.

Caffeine also plays a part in causing anxiety. While it’s not the only culprit, it has a stimulating effect which can leave you prone to anger, irritability, and a never-ending feeling of dread. Cut back on coffee and caffeine sodas for a few days to see if you feel calm and your mornings start of in a more relaxed way.

4. Lock into a positive mindset

Positive thoughts are a great weapon against morning anxiety. Pessimism fuels worry and gives center stage to dreadful feelings. If you often see yourself as helpless, worthless, or hopeless it’s time to make a conscious effort towards a positive line of thinking.

Take note of the anxiety-inducing thoughts and counter them by saying aloud how they can be beaten. For example, if you feel you can’t go through this day and are worried you won’t be able to solve your work tasks counter these ideas with the right statements. Tell yourself that anxiety is a normal emotion, that you have gone through this before and you know that you can come out on top.

You have the power and only you can control what happens to you. You have the ability to focus and calm down.

5. Breathe deeply

When all else fails breathing can do miracles. Shallow breaths are anxiety-inducing since they disrupt the oxygen-carbon dioxide natural exchange in your body. When you get stressed and your breathing stays shallow you fuel panic and become extremely agitated.

Focus on breathing and you can get over the difficult moments. Breathe deeply, exhale and mentally repeat positive statements.

You can beat anxiety. You are strong and in control. This is just a temporary situation. New and brighter things await you.

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