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Taste One of The Best Adobo You Can Eat Around Atlanta

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ATLANTA, GA - Adobo (from Spanish word: "seasoned by soaking," "sauce" or "flavoring") is the cuisine and a type of cooking produced by soaking meat, seafood, or vegetables in a liquid made from a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic, then sautéed with oil and cooked in a gravy liquid. The adobo cooking method originated in the Philippines. Filipinos cook dishes by burning, steaming, or boiling. To keep it fresh, food is generally cooked by soaking in vinegar and salt. Therefore, Filipinos cook meat in vinegar soaks as a way to preserve food.

There are numerous variations of adobo recipes. One of the basic ingredients of adobo consists of vinegar, which can be made from coconut, rice, or sugarcane (although white wine or apple vinegar can also be used). Almost all ingredients can be changed according to taste. One rare type of adobo without soy sauce is called adobong put ("white adobo"), which uses salt, to differentiate it from adobong item ("black adobo"), a more common type found that uses soy sauce. Adobong puti is often considered the type closest to pre-Hispanic native adobo.

Unlike the Philippines which puts adobo as a whole food, Mexican Adobo is referring to how it is made and what seasonings are used. Spicy and thick flavors become the main identity of adobo Mexico. Soak blends for raw food in stock (or sauce) consisting of different types of peppers, oregano, salt, garlic, and vinegar to thicken and enhance flavor. The Portuguese variant is known as Carne de vinha deals. This flavor, originating in Iberia (Spanish Cuisine and Portuguese Cuisine), is widely accepted in Latin America, as well as Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Africa and Asia.

In Atlanta, you can find adobo in almost all Filipino and Mexican restaurants depending on your taste. One restaurant in Atlanta that is famous for its adobo cuisine is Gunshow Restaurant.

The restaurant was founded by Chef Kevin Gillespie in 2013 at Glenwood Park in Atlanta. Gillespie wants to create a sense of home where customers can order whatever they want. This unique and friendly service is favored by many Atlanta residents, providing a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The design of an interesting and open restaurant becomes you to create the right atmosphere when eating. The menu is not rigid due to variations and collaborations with other reputable local chefs providing great opportunities for this restaurant to advance in the future. The restaurant is open for dinner every Tuesday to Saturday from 6 PM to 9 PM.

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