How and Where to Sell Feet Pictures Online?

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Feet pics are a growing dedicated market where it is easy to make money selling high-quality feet photos. This is a great business for newcomers who want to do digital business.

There is One such platform is FeetFinder which is one of the top-selling feet photos, has over 5000 customers and has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. It is a genuine and reliable website that can be helpful for anyone to generate their first sale.

Today we will tell you about how to sell feet pics online for free in this blog post. Plus some 14 best websites to sell feet pics you can try to sell photos of feet.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online For Free?

Coming straight to the point, selling photos of feet is extremely easy, it is not rocket science or even requires high marketing skills. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below to sell feet photos online for free.

Step 1: Learn how to take high-quality photos

First of all it is important to learn how to click photos. To click the best photos, it is necessary to have a good camera and take 5-6 clicks comfortably, then select the perfect pic that comes out of it and edit it well.

Step 2: Choose a legitimate platform

Feet Finder is a legit website where you can sell your feet pics. There are many sites on the internet but each one doesn't need to be a legitimate site. Choose a platform that has a good reputation in the market and which can protect sellers from scams.

Step 3: Upload your photos

As soon as you choose a legit platform, then upload your foot pics there. Just keep in mind that you have to give detailed descriptions of every photo in your catalog so that buyers can understand what they are getting. In detail, you can enter the details of the size, resolution, camera, etc. of the photo.

Step 4: Set a price

After the catalog is ready, set the price for each photo. The quality of the photo price should be kept according to the demand. Never keep prices higher than market rates, this can cause problems in generating sales.

Step 5: Promote your photos

After the photos are uploaded, the work of your website is done. Now you have to share your catalogs on different social media platforms. So that people get to know about your product.

If you create your profile on Feet Finder, then copy the link of the catalog from there and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blog.

If you follow all these steps, then you can easily generate good income by selling foot pics.

Who Buys Feet Pics?

There are many different groups of businesses that are interested in buying feet pics. Some use it for personal reasons and some for their business. But Feet Pics has a separate user base.

Like some main groups where there is demand for feet pics, their list is given below:

1. Etsy sellers

Etsy sellers generally buy feet pics for 2 reasons.

The first is that he uses these feet pics for his business marketing.

Many such products which are related to feet are sold on Etsy. Such as foot jewelry, temporary tattoos, scrubs, lotions, creams, and multiple things related to foot care and foot beauty, everything is sold on Etsy.

So professional-looking feet pics are needed to promote such products, and it has also been experienced that, professional and good-looking feet pics increase the attraction of customers, which leads to more sales.

And another reason is that some sellers need feet pics for their artwork.

You can allow these images to be used commercially by selling your professionally clicked feet pics at a high cost.

2. Artists

Artists need high-quality photos in many ways, but they cannot get the kind of pics they need.

If you have some such photos, the kind of pose, or angles the artist needs, then you can earn some money by selling your pro feet pics to them.

Any sculptor, digital artist, or painter in Artist can have the requirement of such foot pics. It can also become your permanent client.

3. Modeling agencies

Many modeling agencies focus specifically on feet models.

These agencies buy feet pics and use them in their portfolios and marketing materials.

4. Stock photography sites

Stock photo sites are always looking for new, and high-quality photos so that they can increase their collection.

If you have a large number of good-quality feet pics that match the photo quality of in-stock sites, then you can sell your stock feet pics by submitting them here and listing them. You will get some amount here on every download.

You can earn 1000$ per month only if you have a large collection of photos on sites like Stock Photo, but once your feet pics are uploaded here, your passive income starts.

If you want to go this route, click different feet pics, collect them, and upload them here.

5. People with foot fetishes

Foot fetish is called those who like feet very much. There are many types of foot fetishes, but the market for foot pics is huge. Most people buy foot pics to satisfy their foot fetish.

6. Websites related to podiatry

Many websites are related to podiatry, they need high-quality feet pics and unique images.

Such websites are generally interested in buying high-quality feet pics because they use these pics as content on their official sites.

Such websites are also ready to give higher to higher prices for buying Feet pics. He uses feet pics clicked in different poses and scenarios as content. That's why if you sell your feet pics on these sites then you can earn a good amount.

7. Shoe and footwear companies

Many types of shoe and footwear companies are ready to buy high-quality feet pics for their branding. He uses these photos on his sites and also uses them for marketing.

The advantage of selling feet pics to such big companies is that their budget is huge, and they pay premium prices for premium quality pics.

But such companies very rarely order feet pics, but as they want photos, if you have them, then these shoe companies can pay you as much amount as you want. Along with this, by becoming a foot model for such companies, you can get their foot jewelry and shoes for free by doing foot photography for them.

8. Other feet-related businesses

Nail salons, spas, foot treatment businesses, and many such types of businesses need high-quality foot pics so that they can attract customers.

He uses such pictures for his marketing, online and offline stores.

It is not that there is a high demand for only pictures of beautiful feet in Feet pics, because companies need both before and after photos to promote their foot-related products, so there is a demand for bad feet photos as well.

Who Should Sell Foot Pictures?

There are no such specific criteria. Anyone can sell feet pics.

If you want to earn extra income by selling feet pics, then you only need a little bit of determination, so that you can become successful.

You should have only a decent camera or smartphone whose camera is a bit good, which will give you a quality image by clicking. And an internet connection, so that you can upload your clicked photos. Just these few things and your creativity can help you earn passive income by selling feet pics.

You can learn any professional photo editing skill for this and make your photos of high quality.

In this way, by developing your skills and making a collection of high-quality feet pics, you can earn cash by selling them to any platform, company, or agency.

14 Best Websites For Selling Feet Pics Online: Don’t Miss Them!

When it comes to earning money, any skill can earn you money. Photography is one such way, you can earn by selling any kind of photo.

Feet pics is one such growing category whose demand is very high. You can earn handsomely by selling feet pics on many types of websites.

We have told you about some 14 best websites to sell feet pics, in which you can earn a lot of money.

1. FeetFinder

This is another platform that is Best for buyers and sellers of feet pics.

The seller has to verify his ID on Feet Finder because there is an age requirement of 18 to become a seller. With id verification, both seller and buyer also get an authentic deal. There cannot be any kind of scam.

How to Sell Feet Pics with FeetFinder?

To sell on FeetFinder, you have to create your account first, then upload your ID proof on your account.

As soon as the account is verified, after that, the seller has to pay a monthly fee of $ 4.99 per month. If a seller wants to pay annually, then he can verify his account by paying $ 14.99. This is the basic plan of the Feet finder.

Now you can upload all your photos, in which it is mandatory to upload at least 4 high-quality photos or videos. Also, you can create about 10 albums in it.

As soon as your account setup is complete, you can start receiving orders from buyers.

Next, you have to create your bio, but remember in the bio you have to use all the keywords that buyers search related to your content.

After this is done, you have to promote your profile on social media. You will start getting orders slowly.

2. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is a popular website that is famous only for feet pics, it has a large collection of feet pics. Here you can sell feet pics for a fixed fee. Then after that, she sells your pics to buyers through a website called "want feet".

This site is the best option to start because it pays a little quicker after your pics are accepted, but their payment is slightly less. But if you want more earnings then you can use any other sites, further, we are going to tell you about more sites.

How to Sell Feet Pics with Dollar Feet?

If you want to sell your feet pics on the dollar feet site then you have to visit the official website and fill out an application form.

After filling out the form, you get the mail of approval in 24 hrs, if your form is accepted then you can upload your feet pics and earn.

3. is the best all-in-one platform, where you can create your profile or say page, in which you can generate customer leads by listing your feet pic collection, and promoting the page.

The biggest benefit of Feetpics is that it does not charge any kind of monthly fees or commission. Here you have to pay only a one-time setup charge of 5$ in the beginning.

This, if you want, you can also buy their promotion package, after which Feetpics promotes your page itself and reaches your page to more interested buyers.

How to Sell Feet Pics with

  • Go to the website of, and set up your page by creating an account.
  • List your high-quality feet pics on this page.
  • After this send your page for approval. If your page is approved then you will get an email from Feetpics.
  • Your page is now ready, now you have to promote your page on your social media account. Or you can also get your page promoted by paying a nominal fee to Feetpics.
  • Start selling feet pics!

In this way, you can easily upload your feet pics to Feetpics. You can generate passive income by selling on com.

4. Instafeet

Instafeet is a subscription-based website where you can share your outstanding feet photos and videos with the world. Here you can create your profile, post content, and sell feet pictures.

Before selling Feet pics you have to complete some steps. You have to send your application to the Instafeet team, it is necessary to have a valid ID with this application.

This is a simple process, after sending the application, approval comes after 2 - 3 weeks.

In Instafeet, they take 10% amount from the seller from their total earning. This payment is done from the 1st to the 15th of every month only.

How to Sell Feet Pics with Instafeet?

  • First of all create your profile and apply, you just have to enter your basic details and email in your profile.
  • After sending the profile for approval, if approval comes then you can post your content. You must upload a minimum of 5 photos in the content.
  • To activate the profile, users usually pay 10/month on Instafeet. You can subscribe to them according to your priorities.
  • Now your profile is ready, you can share it on any social media by link.
  • Your Instafeet account is ready, you can now generate passive income by sharing your feet pics.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a very popular and best place to sell feet pics because it sells products related to handmade and arts crafts.

People buy such things on Etsy which is not available in most of the regular online stores. And feet pics are also a similar category that people rarely buy.

If you want to sell your clicked feet pics, then you just have to create your account on Etsy and list your feet pics on it. The better you write the description of your products, the more customers will be attracted to your profile and will buy your feet pics.

How to Sell Feet Pics with Etsy?

  • To create your seller account on Etsy, fill details, add your profile picture, and write an attractive bio with proper keywords. Whatever keywords are related to your product should come in your bio.
  • As soon as your Etsy account i.e. shop is ready, then it is mandatory to do some main steps.
  • Attach your bank account to Etsy, so that you can easily receive customer payments.
  • List your products category-wise.
  • Share your Etsy profile on other social media.
  • In the payment terms of Etsy, it charges you a $0.20 listing fee and takes 6.5% transaction fees on whatever will be sold.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a local site where tons of people go to trade and barter both online and in real life.

 Craigslist is a local website that is visited by tons of people every month. Here also you can sell your feet pics.

Craigslist has many advantages like it lists your products, and it helps in your free advertising. There are no hidden charges here either.

7. eBay

Everyone knows this platform. This is a great place for feet pics selling.

Like Etsy, the process of account creation is easy on eBay too. Here also you have to create your shop by creating your account and listing the products. After the listing, fees of eBay have to be paid, and after that, the account is activated.

There are also auctions on eBay, but for this, your images should be high quality as well as framed or unique, so that eBay auctions your products, so that you can generate a handsome amount.

8. Your blog

If you feel that your profit is completely yours, then you can sell feet pics by creating your website or blog. However, for this, you have to work harder than other methods. But if you think of a long-term goal then this is the best option.

This option gives you full control in your hands, you can sell your feet pics as you want. You can keep the prices according to yourself and promote as you want.

You just have to put effort into this and do everything well from website design to content so that the attraction of customers increases.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Your Blog?

  • To create your site, first, buy a domain that is related to your products.
  • Design your website with a good e-commerce template by taking the best hosting.
  • Install Plugins and add whatever additional features you want.
  • Add a plugin for Payments.
  • Now, in the end, add your feet pics category-wise and do their SEO, and submit them in google search console and google analytics.
  • Now share your website or product catalog on social media, promote them through paid ads, and generate leads.

9. Stock photography sites

There are many such stock photo sites on the Internet where legally feet pics can be sold. Websites like Bigstock, iStockPhoto, and Deposit Photos allow you to sell feet pics online. But the photos should be clear, high quality, and professional, only then they accept it. It allows only photos clicked by professional photographers for listing on its site.

These sites sell all these images for commercial purposes, so their customers are businesses or brands only. The photos here are used in ads or marketing. Here you can sell all types of photos.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Social Media?

Social media is the best source to reach people. Nowadays all the businesses around the world are running based on social media. Due to the internet being available everywhere, people in every corner of the world can buy or sell anything sitting at home.

By marketing feet pics on social media, you can generate sales by reaching a dedicated audience.

Below we have told about some of the best top social media sites which can help you in selling feet pics.

10. Instagram

Instagram is a photo-based platform, here users have more attraction to photos than videos. Insta reels provide visual content to users, which is for entertainment purposes, but from the point of view of business and branding, photos run more on Instagram.

So if you want to sell feet pics online then Instagram is a good option. Because it is a free platform, as well as its user base, is huge.

Just one disadvantage of Instagram is that here you cannot directly link any kind of outside content. That's why whenever you post your feet pics for sell here, users do not know how to buy it, or where to buy it.

You have to give all the details in written format or the format of pics only, after which the customer reaches your product by searching by himself.

But you can add links on Instagram stories, or you can add a link to your site in your bio.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

  • To sell feet pics online on Instagram, you have to create a separate install account called Instagram Business account.
  • After creating an account, it is necessary to write your bio well, which should contain keywords related to the product, a call to action, and a link to your website.
  • Before uploading your complete foot pics collection here, add a watermark to it from Canva. The watermark should be such that it covers the photo from all sides.
  • After the photo with the watermark is ready, upload it on Instagram with hashtags, there must be a minimum of 30 hashtags, which are related to your product.
  • This same process has to be done regularly, daily at least 1 photo should be uploaded on Instagram, and keep posting stories along with the post, due to which your followers will increase.
  • If the customer purchases feet pics from your site through your Instagram post, then they will get the same image directly, but if customers talk to you through Instagram messages, then they get paid and send feet pics to their email or WhatsApp.

11. Facebook

Facebook is home to millions of users. Everyone knows how much popularity of Facebook is worldwide. A large community of people can be seen here.

Here you can sell foot-related images directly to interested buyers by marketing yourself. Here you can create your pages, create groups, and share links to your products in thousands of groups. You can directly interact with the people. It is only a social media platform but it is like a big ocean, which gives you multiple opportunities.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Facebook?

  • Create your business page on Facebook.
  • Then prepare the Facebook marketplace.
  • After this set up a Facebook shop, and link it to your business page. Also, add an Instagram bio.
  • Set up the checkout process and select the payment method.
  • Now add a watermark on all your feet pics with the help of Canva, and add it to the catalog.
  • Join all the groups available on Facebook related to your products. Join as many groups as you can. All this activity should be done only through your Facebook page, not through your account.
  • Interact with people daily in all these joined groups, share your feet photos, and respond to people's comments.
  1. If you keep doing your activity daily, then slowly you start getting engagement. But if you want instant results, then you can take advantage of it by enabling Facebook ads. But this is paid service.

12. TikTok

TikTok is a video-based platform where you can share short videos of 15 seconds.

 It is banned in many countries but where it is still running, it can be used to sell feet pics online.

More recently, Tiktok has extended the length of its short videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. But you will not be able to make a 10-minute video to sell feet pics online, so you can combine feet pics and whatever candid you have clicked with it by making a short video and using it.

With the help of TikTok, you can reach lots of people but there are some limitations like there were on Instagram. You cannot do interlinks here.

Users of TikTok give more attention to trends, so you have to be active daily and sell your feet pics by making videos according to the trends.

How to Sell Feet Pics on TikTok?

  • TikTok is a free platform, create feet pics-related account here.
  • Activate a Pro account, it is a paid service but you will get to see the analytics of your content. Which is necessary to check growth.
  • Write an attractive bio by adding Foot related keywords.
  • Add the links to your website, social handles here in the profile details.
  • The account is ready, now regularly upload foot-related videos here, and use trending songs, and relevant foot-related hashtags for videos. Must upload at least 2 - 3 videos in a day, the more shorts the video, the better it will be.
  • All the foot communities available on TikTok make niche comments on their posts, this will let their customers know about your profile.
  • Customers direct from Tiktok will come on your website or in DM.

13. Snapchat

Snapchat is another most lovable social media which allows you to share Photos and videos here.

It allows users to add text, drawings, and effects to their photos.

There are many benefits of selling feet pics on Snapchat, such as there are a total of 332 million active users per day. This is a vast customer base. Out of this even if 0.01% of customers take your products, then you can earn millions.

Here the content posted by basic account users disappears in 10 seconds, and the content of the premium account remains visible for 24 hrs. Due to time boundaries, customers here get used to taking quick action.

If customers like a product or foot pic, and want to take it, then in 10 seconds they will reach the seller's website or profile. One of your posts can bring you a customer in 10 seconds if you use Snapchat properly.

Payments on Snapchat can be received by Snapcash, this app can help you do very fast transactions.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Snapchat?

  • To get started selling feet pics on Snapchat, it recommends creating a premium account.
  • Create a premium account to sell feet pics online on Snapchat, because the basic account will not be able to bring you customers.
  • The monthly cost of this private account will be between 5$ to 50$.
  • As soon as your premium account is activated, start adding stories and uploading images of feet or videos of feet.
  • Even after having a premium account, you can use your basic account at a time. You can use your public account for the promotion of your private account.
  • There is just a condition here that, you have to be active on Snapchat daily, only then you will start getting sales of feet pics.
  • If there is a chat with the customers in DM, then ask for their email or WhatsApp no. at the beginning. or keep taking a screenshot of the chat because after some time the messages will disappear.

14. Reddit

Reddit is a forum platform. Reddit's feet community is huge and there are more chances of getting serious buyers for feet pics.

Find out as many subreddits as the above subreddit and join it, here you will find customers of quality feet pics.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Reddit?

  • Create a free Reddit account, this can be done both from the app or on the official site.
  • Join some subreddit as mentioned above. Remember that this subreddit is related to feet pics only.
  • Always be active in the community, comment, and post upcoming feet pics with a watermark.
  • And unless a customer or user had asked you for a product purchase link, do not share links in any community, it is against Reddit's rules. Initially, you have to share the link only once weekly.


If you want to monetize your feet pics, then tell you that the market of foot pics is a growing market. If you want to sell feet pics online, then we have told about 14 best websites to sell feet pics in our blog, which can help you sell your feet pics.

All these websites have their unique look. There is a vast user base on all platforms, according to your interest and budget, you can choose any platform and sell your feet pics from today itself.

 If you want the best feet pics selling community that can help you acquire more and more customers, then Feet Finder can prove to be the best choice for you. So create your account on Feet Finder today and start selling feet pics.

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