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35-Year-Old Man Was Hanging Out From 31st-Floor Window of NYC Skyscraper

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According to top law enforcement sources and witnesses at the scene, a guy temporarily hung part of his body outside a 31st-floor apartment during an hours-long standoff at a luxurious Manhattan high-rise near Carnegie Hall as astonished bystanders looked on from below.
NYC Skyscraper.Photo byDiane PicchiottinoonUnsplash

Before 9 a.m. on Wednesday, things started to get complicated at the 72-story residential building CitySpire at 150 West 56th St. It would take eight hours before it was ultimately settled in the evening when an NYPD officer forced his way into the structure and pulled the man inside after chasing him down.

According to three top law enforcement figures, the FBI was enforcing an arrest warrant for a 35-year-old man on suspicion of bank fraud. According to the officials, the individual inside the apartment smashed one of the windows as federal investigators attempted to serve the order and made threats to jump from a height of more than 30 stories.

The Hostage Negotiating Team Reached For The Rescue

The hostage negotiating team from the NYPD was contacted by the federal government within minutes. Meanwhile, workers on the ground inflated a gigantic yellow and white airbag that filled the entire street. Sources claim that it can withstand a fall of 100 feet, but on Wednesday it looked like the man was considerably higher off the ground.

The man was perched on the window sill of a broken window for hours as onlookers below, including Mayor Eric Adams, could see his legs dangling. The terrible scene could be seen from the offices of other people who worked in surrounding high-rises.

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