Opinion/Satire: What if Tupac had survived?

Cesar Lopez
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Let’s explore an alternate reality where Tupac Shakur lived!

It’s 1996. The United States is experiencing peace and prosperity under President Tupac Shakur.

After narrowly surviving the infamous Las Vegas drive-by shooting in 1994, Tupac used his second chance at life to spread a message of hope, empowerment and change.

He released several acclaimed albums that united a huge portion of the American population and encouraged bringing communities together instead of dividing them.

By 1998, Tupac's positive influence had grown so strong that he was urged and strongly encouraged to become a politician.

Realizing how much influence he had over so many people particularly the at risk youth that was so hard to reach, his brilliant mind gave him an epiphany. President Shakur made good on his promises to "keep my head and keep my cred and use it to guide the youth,"

Tupac campaigned on a visionary platform of reform, opportunity for all and reconciliation.

To the shock of cynics but the joy of enthusiastic crowds, crowds of all walks of life, even groups that were once ignorant and manipulated by racism were now avid supporters of Tupac, he won by a landslide and was elected President of the United States.

Under President Shakur, America has seen dramatically reduced crime, a booming economy that leaves no one behind, and restored trust between citizens and their government.

Racial tensions that once threatened to tear the fabric of society have eased through open-hearted dialogue and new understanding, held together by the glue of respect and empathetic compassion .

Tupac's ongoing "Peace 2 Da Streets" tour brings communities across the country together in celebration and service every year. It is a kinder, more hopeful new millennium - all because one influential life was spared by the fates.

What an enlightened world this alternate history explores.

Of course this is pure fiction but it’s not fake news or click bait. This was written in hopes that exploring this timeline brought you a glimpse of how one difference can impact the future in unforeseen ways.

When we inspire each other and give each other hope and lead by the example of an amazing unexpected transition for the better of not just ourselves but the love of humanity, we can inspire a whole new world and perspective in the minds of others.

It’s easy to lose hope and become a product of the widespread greed and hate of this world. It’s our survival instincts adapting us away from the hope and wonder and love for people we’re born with. It’s not wrong but it’s a sad way to live.

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