Astrology data shows serial killers born under Capricorn had huge body count. Most prolific U.S. murderer was a Cancer.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini. John Wayne Gacy was a Pisces. Ted Bundy was a Sagittarius.

The world's most notorious serial killers have terrorized communities across the U.S. and around the globe through generations going back as far as the mid-19th Century.

Certain traits, habits, behaviors and tendencies are often associated with serial murder - such as having no empathy or remorse, being narcissistic and grandiose, impulsive actions and addictive personalities, abusing animals as a child, and other warning signs.

Now there's a new data marker for serial killers: their zodiac signs.

An exhaustive review of nearly 500 serial murderers responsible for more than 5,100 deaths has provided a fascinating - and in some ways chilling - snapshot of how the stars appear to align most frequently whenever someone births another homicidal maniac.

The astrology enthusiasts behind analyzed the birth information and deadly history of 485 serial killers for a report that was first released just before Halloween 2021. The most stunning finding: murderers born under the sign of Capricorn were responsible for more total killings (in excess of 800) and more average slayings per killer (19) than those born under any of the other astrological signs, according to a press release and data set on the findings.

Also: just four of the 12 zodiac signs - Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio — account for almost 40 percent of all the serial killers studied.
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Other findings from the analysis:

  • The water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) accounted for the highest number of killers and victims in the analysis — 28 percent of killers and 27 percent of victims.
  • Taurus killers account for just over 200 murders out of the 5,125 slayings committed by history's most brutal killers.
  • Gemini killers (including the cannibalistic Jeffrey Dahmer) and serial murderers born under Taurus each numbered only 27 - representing the least likely signs among all 485 slayers who were studied.
  • The signs Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces (the zodiac sign of 'killer clown' John Wayne Gacy) each accounted for 46 of the serial killers. Devious cross-country serial murderer Ted Bundy was a Sagittarius. He was known to use a ruse like wearing an arm sling and pretending to need assistance to lure female victims with his charm and good looks.

One of the busiest serial murderers among the 485 killers analyzed based on their zodiac signs was Samuel Little - who killed at least 61 victims as verified but confessed to murdering 93. The cemetery worker and small-time criminal eventually began killing to fulfill his fantasies of strangling women. He has said his crimes spanned more than three decades between 1970 and 2005. In more ways than one, Little was a Cancer - with a birthdate in June and a body count that was unrivaled.
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"Many people who follow astrology likely won’t be surprised to find Scorpio at the top of this list, given that the sign’s biggest weaknesses include violence, manipulation, and jealousy," the report's authors - a collaboration of top astrologists - said in a press release announcing the findings. "Similarly, Pisces may be prone to allowing their outer emotions to run out of control, while Cancer may feel isolated, as they are unable to blend in with the world around them, and Sagittarius approaches life with no filter on their words or actions."

All 12 of the astrological signs are represented in the annals of serial killer history. From the numbers, according to the analysis, Virgos on the list murdered the fewest victims per killer: seven.
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The report's methodology used a dataset of "485 individual serial killers whose birth dates were available" based on sources such as Wikipedia, Murderpedia and various news media accounts. Astrologers relied on the FBI's official definition of a serial killer: "A person who commits two or more murders in separate events," but excluding mass murder events or assassinations.

The astrology researches say the deadliest killer on their list was Harold Shipman, a UK physician and one of 42 Capricorn serial killers studied. Authorities believe he may have killed more than 200 of his own patients between 1975 and 1998 by injecting them with high doses of medical grade heroin.

The aforementioned Little is on record with the highest body count of any American serial killer. He died in prison in 2020 - and was one of 46 murdering monsters born under the sign of Cancer, according to the report.
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