These Are The Best Girl Scout Cookie And Beer Pairings

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"Girl Scout cookies and beer are two wonderful things that, when paired together, create joy and happiness," says Ashley Yancey, sales manager at Indiana’s award-winning Taxman Brewing. "It's like peanut butter and chocolate, cookie dough and ice cream, anchovies and pizza. They just belong together!"

Taxman Brewing delighted fans by pairing their beers with Girl Scout cookies in 2019 — back when packed-to-capacity events were still common. With taprooms closed due to COVID-19, you probably won’t find a tasting event near you this year. But, with new delivery options, you can get everything you need for a full-blown beer and cookie sampling, without even leaving your couch. 

When taprooms were shuttered in March of 2020, many breweries turned to online sales. App-based beer purchasing platform Tavour helped a lot of small craft breweries survive the pandemic, adding more than 120 independent craft breweries over the past year, bringing their total number of breweries to more than 600.

Girl Scouts, too, have moved online in response to quarantine regulations, both for the girls’ safety, and because there is less traffic at their usual spots. This year, enterprising kids can open and run their own individual online stores through the organization’s Digital Cookie Platform.

By holding your own tasting, you can support your local Girl Scouts and help craft breweries from coast to coast as they struggle to stay afloat during the COVID pandemic. To ensure you make the most of your beer and cookie deliveries, the beer geeks at Tavour have shared their favorite beer pairings for 3 of the most popular Girl Scout cookies.

Thicken up your Thin Mints

Reve Coffee Stout from Louisiana’s Parish Brewing is a favorite on Tavour, and makes a great pairing for Thin Mints. The roasty espresso flavors of the beer balance beautifully against the sweetness of the cookie, like dunking a minty doughnut in a cup of joe. Plus, a swirl of real vanilla in the beer seems to amplify the cookie’s chocolate coating.

If you’re looking for something a bit more out of the box, try pairing Thin Mints with a Witbier, like The White Lodge from Seattle’s Holy Mountain Brewing. It may sound strange, but the herbaceous notes of coriander and orange zest in the beer really compliment the intense mintiness of the cookie.

Toast to your Tagalongs

This first suggestion comes directly from Ashley Yancy at Taxman Brewing — she suggests pairing their Qualified Belgian Quad with Tagalongs (a.k.a. Peanut Butter Patties, depending on what state you’re in). The bold raisin and plum notes in the beer make the combo taste almost like a PB&J!

Or, if you’re a serious peanut butter fiend, dunk your cookies into Oak Aged Peanut Butter Espresso Reserve from Texas’ 903 Brewers. This barrel-aged Stout already tastes like a dark chocolate peanut butter cup, so if you’re the type who can never get enough, this pairing will at least get you close.

Sip with your Samoas

Depending on where you live, you might know this cookie as a Caramel deLite, but no matter what you call it, it’ll go great with Electron Brown Ale from Old Nation Brewery in Michigan. The toffee notes of the Brown Ale compliment the cookie’s caramel and coconut, while big espresso flavors in the brew help temper the sweet, so you can sip and nibble all day long. 

If you really want to go coco-nuts, pop open a bottle of Cinnamon Coconut B-Bomb Winter Ale from Seattle’s Fremont Brewing Company. This boozy, barrel-aged brew is so thick and rich with bakery spices and real toasted coconut, you won’t be able to tell where the beer ends and the cookie begins.

That’s just a few beer and cookie combos to get you started, but there are millions of possibilities. Shop online or discover new breweries in your region. Try new beers I can't find back home has been a favorite road trip activity during the pandemic. With Tavour delivering some of the most unique and innovative flavors in American craft, and the Girl Scouts of America embracing online sales, it’s never been easier to have your own beer and cookie pairing at home.

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