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Denver's new vertical farm, Kalera, announces the first lettuce and microgreen harvest for Coloradans

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Kalera is celebrating its first harvest of lettuce and microgreens from its new farm in Aurora, Colorado.

Kalera farms grow ultra-clean, non-GMO, nutrient-dense greens without the use of toxic sprays or pesticides. Kalera does this by using climate-controlled conditions and sustainable farming practices such as water recycling and plant nutrition formula optimization.
Kalera Announces First Harvest of Lettuce and Microgreens at New Denver Vertical FarmCredit: Kalera

Every year, the nearly 90,000 square-foot plant will supply Coloradans with 15 million heads of locally grown, nutrient-dense greens.

"We are excited about the early performance of Kalera's 'Mile High' vertical farm and offering the Colorado market clean, nutritious and locally-grown greens," said Curtis McWilliams, interim CEO of Kalera. "We look forward to extending our footprint beyond the inner mountain west and are eager to see the positive changes the farm will bring to the region's agricultural and economic environment."

Kalera produce will be sold at 200 King Soopers locations around the Denver metropolitan region.

In an area with a typically short growing season, the farm will deliver locally grown greens and microgreens to Colorado residents year-round. For lettuce, the Kalera growth cycle is around 4 weeks, offering 13 growing seasons per year.

"Urban communities across the globe are in dire need of clean, locally-grown produce that does not deplete precious resources, and Kalera offers just that," said McWilliams. "Colorado residents share key values with Kalera, sustainability and nutrition being at the forefront, making our Denver farm an ideal addition to the region. We are eager to see our lettuce and microgreen varieties on shelves and look forward to the relationships we will create with local businesses."

Kalera also operates farms in Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, Munich, and Kuwait. In addition, Kalera farms are expanding into Seattle, Columbus, St. Paul, Honolulu, and Singapore.

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