Husband tells wife she hasn't lost her "baby weight" when she complains she's not able to fit into her jeans, wife angry

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Regular vs. "Baby Weight" Gain

Pregnancy can take a woman's body through all types of changes, particularly when it comes to weight gain. The average amount of weight gain during pregnancy should be 25 to 35 pounds (35 to 45 for twins) with 15 of those pounds (up to 25 for twins) being attributed to the baby and should drop off once the mother gives birth.

The breakdown is about 7.5 pounds for the baby's weight, 1.5 pounds for the placenta, 4 pounds for excess fluid, and 2 pounds for the uterus. So that leaves about 10 to 20 pounds (20 to 30 with twins) of personal weight gain that would need to be lost after pregnancy to get the body back to its original weight.

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Postpartum Weight Gain and Loss

You may have heard people refer to weight gain after childbirth as "baby weight" as well as how difficult it may be for some women to lose it. Experts report that weight gained during pregnancy should be lost within 6 to 12 months.

One 32-year-old husband pointed out to his 31-year-old wife that she had not yet lost her baby weight after two years and got accused of calling her ugly. He took to a Reddit post to explain the situation.

The Backstory

When the well-meaning husband casually made a comment about his wife's weight, he evidently put his foot in his mouth.

He explains, stating:

I have been married to my wife for 9 years. We have a 7-year-old son together, and 2-year-old twins. With our son my wife lost her weight pretty fast, she didn’t gain much to even start out with. My wife has always been pretty petite. Before our twins she was probably 120-125 lbs. She is now 180.

Too Much Weight Gain?

In his post, he mentions that his wife has not even been trying to lose weight anymore where she used to go to the gym 4 days a week. Seeing that she gained about 60 pounds during her last pregnancy, she is a bit over the recommended amount of "baby weight" gain. So this likely has contributed to her difficulty in losing weight, particularly since it has been over two years since she was pregnant.

Here is what her husband explains:

She has showed no attempt to lose the weight and no longer goes to the gym. She use to always be in the gym, 4 days a week. The other night she was complaining her new jeans no longer fits and i pointed out that she still has her baby weight. She got really upset and said I basically called her unattractive. That is not the case at all, I find my wife beautiful, but she keeps sizing up in her jeans and then acts confused why.

How it Turned Out

In his post, her husband insists that he didn't know he was being offensive since they are "very open with each other." He also reassured her that he thinks that she's beautiful even with the extra weight and that what he said wasn’t supposed to be an insult, just an observation.

He explains further, stating:

She then got defensive and said she carried two babies in her body and what did I expect? She slept as far to the wall as she could get, and had an attitude with me for the rest of the night. I never meant for it to be taken so negatively, or to insult her.


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