Granddaughter yells at 86-year-old grandmother with dementia, house helper asked granddaughter to leave the house

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A friend of a woman who yells at her grandmother for forgetting things, even though the grandmother has dementia, took to a Reddit post (that has since been deleted) to explain the situation.

**This article is based on information sourced from social media and medical websites, cited within the story**

A definition of dementia on the Psychology Today website is as follows:

Dementia is a progressive loss of cognitive function, marked by memory problems, trouble communicating, impaired judgment, and confused thinking.

The World Health Organization reports that dementia results from cognitive function deterioration beyond what might be expected as a usual consequence of aging. Therefore, people with the condition cannot help their symptoms, particularly forgetfulness, as is the case with the granddaughter who evidently does not understand this fact.

The Reddit poster (who is a house helper for the grandmother) explains the situation regarding her friend and the grandmother, stating:

Her grandma is 86 and has dementia. Her grandma gets very upset when she yells at her. Her grandma is a very soft-spoken and polite lady. I've never seen her get angry. Her grandma forgot to turn a light off, and my friend said (angrily) ''You forgot to turn a light off, AGAIN. I told you not to keep doing this!''

The house helper goes on to state that the grandmother told the granddaughter that she forgot and can't help it when she forgets.

Here's what happened next:

Friend repeatedly yelled "try not to forget" then when her grandma said it doesn't work like that, my friend got really angry, started saying stuff like ''Oh so you're saying I'm a bad granddaughter who can't do any sh*t right? Is that it?''

The helper further explains that the granddaughter got mad and smashed one of her grandmother's mugs against the wall and stated:

I was with her and her grandma since I was helping her grandma with the house. Not sure what to say to my friend but I'm appalled.
This is really upsetting her grandma, she's still crying and she said this keeps happening. She is very shaken up. Friend has left the house since I told her to leave.

The house helper posted on Reddit for some advice on what to do in this situation.


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