Woman losses 145 pounds after having to exit an amusement park ride because the safety bar didn't fit over her stomach

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Her motivation came from a trip to Six Flags.

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According to Insider, Nancy Olguin lost 145 pounds and went from a size 3X and 312 pounds down to a size 12 and 180 pounds. She attributes her weight loss to changing her lifestyle and eating habits.

She states that her main motivation for wanting to lose weight came from a wake call after she and her husband went to Six Flags and decided to ride a popular roller coaster. However, she also said that they barely squeezed themselves into the car and the safety bar would not lock closed because of their stomachs, as her husband was also obese at 410 pounds.

She describes how she felt and what they did afterward:

The staff tried to help, but the bar wouldn't lock. We cut our losses and climbed out of the car. People were waiting behind us. It was humiliating . . . We ate our feelings. We ordered four burgers — two for each of us — two large fries and two large Pepsis at a fast-food restaurant.

Olguin said she had decided that being overweight was her normal and thought that was just the way she was supposed to be. However, working as a dialysis technician meant she was on her feet most of her shift, which had her feet hurting a lot by the end of the day.

Her job reminded her about obesity coupled with high blood pressure being risk factors for diabetes, which often results in people having to go on dialysis. When a friend of hers, who lost 40 pounds, told her about a wellness program that teaches healthy eating and lifestyle principles, she joined, as well as her husband.

She and her husband lost a significant amount of weight. She lost 145 pounds, as mentioned, and he lost 150 pounds. And they are learning how to permanently undo years of unhealthy habits. Olguin says that she is now healthy enough to be an active foster mom. They now have teenage foster twins and she believes that she and her husband will stay on their healthy path.

See her before and after pics here.


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