Q&A With Christina Trevino Author of the Children's Book - The Zoo In You

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Christina Trevino is the founder of Emotion Leadership Enterprises (ELE), a company specializing in corporate and personal leadership training and coaching, with a unique emphasis on Emotion Leadership to enhance relationships. Drawing from her extensive background, including positions at Dell, The University of Texas, and Social Services, Christina developed the Emotion Leadership framework, aimed at improving personal, professional, and parenting relationships. Her dedication to this mission led her to establish her own businesses, Life - Purpose Consulting and ELE.

Author Q&A

What inspired you to write your first book?

I train and coach adults about communication and leadership, that’s my job. And, I love it! After about a half dozen years of teaching, I found that people were missing some basic components that impeded their learning. The missing components, or the void, was a basic understanding and use of emotions. This, sent me in search of a program that would fill these missing components. The very few progams I found were not available to the public and, they were very expensive.

So, with encouragement from my clients and colleagues I created a couple of emotion workshops for adults and teens, and finally, a book series for children and families. The goal was to fill that void with learning about emotions that people could use to improve their relationships - beginning with the relationship with themselves. The Emotion Leadership workshops and the Zoo In You book series follow a common framework. Yet, each has a delivery program for specific audiences, so that the Emotion Leadership material can be easily received and implemented.

Are there message in your book?

Exploring and expressing emotions takes effort. We all need patience, practice and an easy to use formula to learn about our emotions. Similar to when we learned to read. We first needed to learn the alphabet, one letter at a time. Then we learned to put the letters together and soon we were reading full words. Learning to read required patience, a process and lots of practice.

We’ve needed a process and a framework to learn and practice the basics of emotions. Emotions are natural. They exist to help us. They deliver information to help us find connection with ourself and with one another. But, they have seemed elusive, confusing and more than a little scary to engage without assistance.

The Zoo In You offers some assistance. We begin with a formula to access, identify and release emotions. We have animal teachers that help you to identify emotions - one at a time. Inside this zoo, you are known as the Zoo Keeper. The keeper of one’s emotions.

Research shows that emotions impact your mental and your physical health. So, we included a part of the formula in the book that shows you a few ways to release your emotion for a healthy mind and body. Next, you’ll enter Recovery Park. A place to rest, feel safe and recover from all the effort of your learning. Recovery Park has elephant teachers that offer enlightened messages. They remind us that we learn best when we are rested, safe and loved.

With help from the Zoo In You, identifying and processing your emotion can improve your health, awareness and confidence.

Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers?

Emotions are a vital component of development, relationships and leadership. Having emotions is part of being alive. Learning about them is the next frontier for wisdom. It’s great to venture off to outer space, into the internet or even under the ocean. But our vital learning is inner exploring. It’s personal development and exploring our emotions. Our real learning is intimacy, connection and relationships.

When we make effort to understand our emotions and our inner feelings, we are better prepared for interaction with others. We’re better prepared to live, work and love other people. (Other people who bring their own set of emotions…). So, after we start our inner emotion learning - then we can go off to our outer exploring.

Parents have more influence on our future leaders than any other single entity. Parenting is the job that requires more conscious thought and enlightened assistance than any other job, role, career or relationship. As a parent, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It is a mammoth undertaking. It’s okay to practice and try again. And, its not just okay - it’s vital - for parent and child, to ask and get help again and again and again.

If you decide not to have kids, you are not exempt from learning about your emotions. Emotions are energy and they have impact on yourself and others. The energy from emotions are contagious and your behavior matters. Which means, it’s really helpful for you to also learn about and manage your emotions.

Got emotions? We can help.

What are your current projects:

1. Sharing the new Zoo In You colorbook.

2. Developing an Emotion Leadership podcast

3. Writing the next storybooks in the Zoo In You series:

Hucky the Ducky who teaches happy and joy

Marti the Mouse who teaches caution and scared.

Do you write an outline before every book you write ?

The Zoo In YOU has a set formula that teaches the healthy process for expressing emotions. The acronym is AIR4 for children and AIR7 for adults. I choose a story and add in what it would look like if you had a wise guide and a formula for your emotions for situations and experiences in your life.

What are your favorite quotes

1. “Life is about relationships.” Tim Russert

2. “I’ve given my life to become the person I am today, was it worth it?” Richard Bach

I ask myself this every year before my birthday. Only 2 times in my life has the answer been no. And when it was, I made huge upheavals in my life to get back on track.

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Her book The Zoo In You is available for purchase on Amazon

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